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The Perfect Kitchen Design For The At-Home Chef

The spring of 2020 may have reignited the passion of cooking for many people. With cooking at home becoming a norm, the “at-home” chefs might have realized their kitchen could use a few renovations to make it easier to work-in, cook, and provide meals for their families. 

There is any number of appliances you can add to your kitchen to have it fit your personality and family needs, like a two-tiered oven, induction cooktop, in-cabinet wine refrigerator, in-cabinet microwave and many more. Designers can help you with the proper placement of your appliances for your work triangle and workflow in your kitchen. They discuss everything from the right countertop space for meal prep, storage, lighting, and cabinet features to make cooking at home a joy. 

Designing the perfect kitchen for the at-home chef

cabinet express how to measure for remodel

Step one in designing your kitchen is measuring. This is a crucial step and doesn’t need to be centimeter-accurate, but you’ll want to account for every appliance, outlet, plumbing fixture, window, and of course, the shape of your existing footprint. 

To learn the specifics on measuring correctly, check out our article, How To Measure Your Kitchen For Remodel

Know that proper measurement is the key your designer will need to create the best kitchen layout for you. 

Step two is choosing your appliances. If your appliances are getting an upgrade, you’ll want to have them selected early so your designer can fit them into the right spot on your floor plan and adjust the measurements accordingly. The last thing you want to happen is to have your new stove not fit in the space your old stove was setting. 

For the at-home chef, the right appliances are essential. Whether you choose gas or glass top stove, now is the time to get what you want for your kitchen. 

Step three is configuring your work triangle. Designers focus on helping you make your work triangle as high-functioning as possible. Your stove, sink, and refrigerator should only be a few steps away from each other to allow you to prep, cook, and clean with ease. This may change the layout of your kitchen cabinets. But with the proper measurements, your designer can help you. 


Step four is choosing the right cabinets. You may want to make sure your cabinets are the right color and style to match the rest of the house. While this is important, for the at-home chef, your cabinets need to be well organized and function properly. You may decide to add taller cabinets, pantry pullouts, or a kitchen island. 

Designers can help design the kitchen to access every inch of your cabinets, stove, refrigerator, and the dishwasher by making sure they open with enough clearance. Once you can see inside, you can decide what function the cabinet or drawer with have in the layout. 

Full kitchen access also means the proper storage for the small appliances, cookware, and cooking utensils you use daily. Along with that having a well organized and accessible pantry is ideal. 

If it is going to house cookware, you may choose to install an in-cabinet pullout for hanging pots and lids. If you are putting flatware in the drawer, consider having a built-in organizer that allows you to use every inch of your drawer. With all of the cabinet and drawer accessories, you can have a high functioning kitchen for any budget. 

Step five is deciding if you need extra lighting, electrical, or plumbing fixtures. While this is the job of outside contractors, you may notice it lacks lighting or plumbing once you choose your cabinetry. With these items on the design layout, you can easily hire an electrician or plumber to install the extra fixtures. 

As an “at-home” chef, having the proper storage and workflow can make preparing your family meals more enjoyable. With some easy design changes or a fully designed kitchen renovation, you’ll feel like a professional in your kitchen. Visit with our expert kitchen designers today to start your project.

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