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5 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Holiday Makeover

Harsh winter weather might keep you indoors, but it can provide a great excuse to give your kitchen a holiday makeover. Updating your kitchen for the holidays can include a new kitchen layout  with the perfect kitchen cabinets, island, storage accessories , and under-cabinet lighting  that will have everyone singing a joyous song.

Here are five ways to give your kitchen a holiday makeover, so you’re ready for family festivities.

Festive Table
1) Kitchen layout

The holidays are ideal for looking at your kitchen layout  and thinking about how a different configuration could better serve your family’s needs. Transform your kitchen layout  from cramped and crowded to a welcoming and functional space for food prep, storage, seating, and dining. You might consider removing or relocating cabinets to improve your kitchen’s flow for large holiday gatherings.

Cabinet designers note a growing preference among homeowners for wider base cabinets and drawer bases that create more storage space and easy access to dishware. Tall wall cabinets with crown molding are in demand; these cabinets can house a new and improved storage pantry, eliminate wasted space above the cabinets, and add style and dimension to the upper wall cabinets.

Cabinet Triangle

As you rethink your kitchen layout , focus on your work triangle. The work triangle comprises three sides: one side is dedicated to food preparation and storage, another to cooking, and the third for cleanup. Your sink should be on the cleaning side; cabinets, countertop, and refrigerator fall into the prep and storage side, while your stove and adjacent cabinets make up the cooking side.

With this triangle dialed in, you can handle holiday cooking, cleaning, and entertaining smoothly, without the need to take extra steps to get from one work area to the next. Kitchen designers recommend a working triangle layout with sides 4 to 9 feet long.

To add holiday touches to your new kitchen look, consider stringing a strand or two of pine garland across the top of the cabinets if you have an open layout. Holiday-themed platters and serving pieces placed in glass-front cabinets make a cheery addition to the room.


2) Types of cabinets

When remodeling your kitchen, opt for a timeless look you can enhance with seasonal decor.

with their single-lined frame come in neutral white, antique white, light gray, or dark gray – they provide a perfect backdrop for different bold holiday colors.

feature more traditional frames and ornate cabinet doors and drawers, crown molding, or corbels to accent the cabinets. These features work well in any transitional or traditional style kitchen. Cambridge cabinets  are available in sable brown or antique white for a comfortable and inviting kitchen look year-round.


add modern style, one that’s easy to accent with the bold and bright colors of the holidays. Frameless cabinets  are natural for the modern, contemporary, and transitional kitchen. The sleek and smooth cabinet doors light the room with their high-gloss finish or add comfort to taupe or grey matte wood grains.

Holiday kitchen

Every type of kitchen cabinet looks beautiful with the addition of natural elements. Consider mini Christmas trees  as a counter decoration or sprigs of holly in a vase next to your appliances and tabletop centerpiece.

3) Kitchen island

The addition of a kitchen island to create space for seating, storage, and food preparation makes a big difference in any kitchen, for the holidays and all year. A kitchen island can accommodate wider base cabinets to house dishes and cookware. An island also makes it possible to add bar seating for extra guests or cozy family gatherings.

kitchen island

Use the island as a festive focal point for your home –drape it with garland or place a large vase with a holiday floral arrangement.

 4) Storage accessories

New storage accessories  are a must for any kitchen makeover. Imagine the convenience of a pull-out shelf for your KitchenAid mixer, or how a rack to organize cookie sheets and baking pans can bring easy new functionality to cabinets above your stove and refrigerator.

kitchen accessories

Lazy susans and pull-out shelves can make every inch of your kitchen accessible and put equipment you use for baking and cooking within easy reach. Rev-a-shelf accessories don’t stop with mixer stands; you can add in-between cabinet shelving in 3-, 6-, or 9-inch widths to tuck away cans, boxes, and spices. Turn any blind corner cabinet into useful storage space with pull-out shelving that allows you to store and access items at any time quickly.

5) Under cabinet lighting

With the wall and base cabinets installed and fitted with helpful accessories, add finishing touches like under-cabinet lighting or rail molding to enhance the kitchen’s look. When you add under-cabinet lighting to upper wall cabinets, you create a bright and clean look all year round.

Add chair rail molding to any wall to match your cabinetry and provide a finishing touch to any dining room. The chair rail protects the wall from damage and brings a focal point to an otherwise ordinary wall. Under-cabinet lighting provides additional task lighting for any food prep areas.

under cabinet lighting


With dimmable under cabinet lighting , you can adjust it to give your kitchen a warm glow for a cozy holiday mood. Under-cabinet lights can also spotlight your favorite countertop decorative piece.  

Save on new cabinets for the holidays

The holidays are one of the best times to find new cabinets sales and discounts. Many online cabinet wholesalers like Simply Kitchen USA liquidate inventory in December to make room for next year’s cabinet styles and colors. Many kitchen contractors also have lighter schedules during the last two months of the year. Take advantage of favorable pricing and financing packages offered by online cabinet wholesalers and turn your home into a holiday haven.

FAQs about holiday decorating  ideas for your kitchen

What are good holiday kitchen decor ideas ?

Festive wreaths, garlands, rugs, holiday hand towels, vases filled with holly, evergreen branches, and holiday ribbons are all classic and attractive ways to decorate your kitchen for the holidays. There is another bonus you can re-use many of these items every year.

How do I save money on holiday decor ?

Look for pre-and post-holiday sales on timeless seasonal decor. You’ll find hand towels, vases, and other accent pieces with a holiday theme to add a special ambiance to your kitchen for gatherings with family and friends.

Give your kitchen a makeover

Browse our new styles and color selections to find the perfect backdrop for your family gatherings as you think about a kitchen remodel. Contact our expert kitchen designers today to get started on your holiday makeover. They can help you maximize your storage and baking capacity as you plan your holiday festivities.
















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