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Inspired Kitchen Island Design Ideas You’ll Want in Your Kitchen

Kitchen islands are popular in today’s kitchens because they can provide many aesthetic and functional benefits.

Functionally, a kitchen island can provide additional workspace for preparing food, serve as a place to store appliances or cookware or become a welcoming spot for family and friends to gather while meals are being prepared. An island can also provide additional storage space for cabinets, drawers, and shelves.

Aesthetically, a kitchen island can become a visual centerpiece and focal point for the room. The island can define the kitchen layout and create a clear separation between the cooking area and the rest of the space.

The best kitchen island idea for your space will depend on your needs and preferences.

Here are five ideas to consider in your kitchen island design:

  1. Customize the shape and size of your island to fit your kitchen layout. A long and narrow island can work well in a galley-style kitchen, while a larger square or rectangular island can provide more workspace and storage in a larger kitchen.
  2. Incorporate a kitchen island with seating into your design. Adding a few stools or chairs around the island can create a casual dining area or a spot for people to gather while meals are being prepared.
  3. Consider including storage solutions in your kitchen island design. Drawers, cabinets, and pullout shelving can help store cookware, dishes, and other kitchen essentials.
  4. Choose materials and finishes that complement the rest of your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen has a modern look, consider sleek materials such as stainless steel or glass for your island.
  5. Add a custom touch to your kitchen island with unique features such as a built-in cutting board, a built-in wine rack, or a decorative backsplash.

The key to a successful kitchen island design is to choose a style that fits your needs and complements your kitchen’s overall look and feel.

15 fabulous kitchen islands – from big to small – to inspire ideas for your kitchen design

1) Multi-level island

A multi-level kitchen island provides a counter area complete with a backsplash. The added storage space beneath the island can help keep kitchen clutter out of sight. The taller countertop section hides the work area and keeps meal prep contained. This also creates an excellent way to include seating for guests.

Multi-level island

2) New “antique” island

You don’t need to buy an antique table to get the antique look. A new countertop antique-style table with an open base can give your kitchen the feel of something old made new again.

New “antique” island

3) Marble-topped island

Polished marble countertops in a waterfall kitchen island design set the tone for luxury and steal the show in this kitchen. The countertop becomes a functional focal point that provides room for a workspace, a sink, and plenty of storage.

marble island4) Room-dividing island

Consider a long island with extra seating if you have a large kitchen. This one has room for two to three chairs and beautifully delineates the kitchen from the open-concept living area.

Room-dividing island

5) Small kitchen island

A kitchen island can upgrade even the smallest kitchen. In this room, the small kitchen island and the table are close together and work to blend the kitchen and dining area to give it a comfortable feel.

Small kitchen island

6) Well-lit island

The best kitchen island ideas incorporate function and appropriate lighting into the kitchen. This kitchen’s multi-level lights illuminate the whole room, dining and entertaining area, and specific task workspaces. You can pull the tasks and aesthetics together with the perfect lighting.

Well-lit island

7) Built-in appliances

Installing a dishwasher, microwave, wine fridge, sink, or oven in your kitchen island can save valuable space in your kitchen. You regain functional counter space and create an open, clean feel when moving extra appliances off the countertop.

Built-in appliances

8) Storage island

Upgrade your kitchen with a storage island in a minimalist style. This Shaker-style island has glass doors to showcase dishware, plus drawers and cabinets to hide away the items you don’t want your guests to see. This kitchen island with seating still allows ample room to move around the kitchen.

Storage island

9) Extend seating

This kitchen island design maximizes space with built-in seating, a big help when entertaining family and guests. This is an ideal solution for a long, narrow kitchen, a large kitchen, or even a standard 10’x10’ kitchen, giving you a kitchen island and additional seating.

Extend Seating Kitchen Island

10) Charcoal gray island

This eye-catching kitchen island shows how a pop of color can make the whole room. The charcoal gray adds dimension and brings in a modern farmhouse style that changes the whole vibe of the kitchen.

Charcoal gray island

11) Waterfall countertop island

With minimal adornments, this kitchen achieves an elegant yet laid-back look with a waterfall countertop. A glossy white waterfall counter looks sleek and clean, while an unexpected bold pattern frames the base to make the kitchen island pop.

Waterfall countertop island

12) Farmhouse island

This farmhouse kitchen island has beautiful, furniture-like features such as corbels and heavy trim. This kitchen island’s shiplap exterior upgrades the farmhouse feel.

Farmhouse island

13) Modern island

This modern kitchen features clean lines and plenty of light. The bright white cabinetry reflects light onto the marble countertop and navy island, while white and brass bar stools provide stylish and functional seating.

Modern Island

14) Space-saving island

The kitchen island accommodates built-in appliances and a sink to open up this beautiful antique-white kitchen. The storage options in the island’s drawers and cabinets make this a welcome kitchen space-saver while looking elegant and inviting.

space saving kitchen island

15) Round-edge island

The subtle rounded edges of this contemporary kitchen island soften up the entire space and balance the dark gray cabinets. Black cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures provide attractive accents and complement the hardwood-like SPC vinyl flooring.

Round-edge kitchen island

Design your dream kitchen island today

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