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Designing A Transitional Style Kitchen

What Is A Transitional Kitchen?

As you’ve been researching articles about remodeling your kitchen, you may have come across a few talking about the transitional style. You may know what a modern, country, contemporary, and traditional kitchen style are but may not completely understand the kitchen’s transitional style. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), 65% of kitchens designed in 2019 were transitional, which is more than double the kitchens that were farmhouse, contemporary or traditional.

A transitional style kitchen has a relaxed feel with clean lines

Cabinet style

Picture Shaker-style cabinets will little adornment but texture brought in on crown molding or lighting and the kitchen island. The colors are neutral with knobs and handles that blend in or add a little flare but don’t stand out. It is a mix between contemporary and traditional but without the stuffiness of traditional kitchens.

Kitchen style

Most transitional style kitchens are part of a larger open concept home. This means the kitchen needs to flow nicely with the rest of the house. As a result, many transitional kitchens are neutral in color, to fit well with other home decors. You’ll see white, beige, bone, grey, and blue as the primary colors used in a transitional kitchen.


The transitional kitchen is still mainly used for cooking, and stainless appliances still take center stage. While the designs may change from single door to French door refrigerator, you’ll also find wall-ovens and microwaves with a gas range and matching range hoods. A full door dishwasher instead of a pullout drawer dishwasher is a staple for the transitional kitchen.

Other kitchen features

Quartz countertops with bold patterns and colorful backsplashes are other useful features taking center stage in a transitional style kitchen. Hardwood or vinyl/resilient flooring are a bonus add to the style. It’s all about utility while keeping with the contemporary look and feel of the room.

If you’re ready to move away from the traditional all-wood kitchen, with full adornment to the ultra-modern, sleek, and polished countertops and cabinets with little detail, the transitional kitchen might be the perfect style you’re looking for in your kitchen.

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