Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

20 Neutral Backsplashes to Accent Any Style Kitchen Beautifully

A dull kitchen can take the joy out of cooking and meal prep. Luckily, there’s an easy way to give your kitchen a fresh and updated look without breaking the bank. A neutral backsplash can energize your kitchen and even make it more welcoming for entertaining.

With so many attractive options for tile, stainless, and natural stone, these neutral kitchen backsplash ideas will make your kitchen feel stylish and refreshed. This article offers plenty of inspiration to create the perfect neutral backsplash for your kitchen.

1) High-style elegance

A beautiful marble backsplash plays up this contemporary kitchen’s dark grey and black countertops. The neutral wood cabinets ground the room, giving it a natural feel.

High-style elegance backsplash

2) Classic twist

A neutral yet playful kitchen backsplash allows for bold choices in other kitchen fixtures and accessories. This eye-catching backslash’s light greys and white herringbone tile provide a modern take on a traditional tile look.

Classic twist Backsplash

3) Stylish symmetry

Geometry is the focus of this contemporary kitchen. A backsplash of shape-shifting honeycomb tiles brings calming whites, greys, and beige colors to the cooktop and adds movement to the kitchen with right angles.

Stylish symmetry Backsplash

4) Traditional meets modern

These tiles’ gray and earthy tones combine with a dark natural wood grain cabinet for an upscale kitchen. The tiles continue the kitchen’s theme of traditional finishes with a contemporary twist. traditional cabinets

Traditional Meets modern Backsplash

5) Dramatic in dark grey

This kitchen’s bold color scheme is relaxing and beautiful. White and grey tiles play off the gray cabinets and draw the eyes to its intricate pattern. The neutral mosaic backsplash brings a hint of drama to an otherwise understated room.

Dramatic in dark grey Backsplash

6) Grounded glamor

The neutral mosaic tile forms a unifying backdrop for a mixed-color pattern with light cabinets. The mix of browns and whites gives the backsplash movement and complements a marble countertop.

Grounded glamor backsplash

7) Pretty in pale

Less dressy, the grey subway tiles give this greige kitchen a pale yet bright background. The neutral backsplash creates a timeless look that will outlast any trends.

Pretty in pale backsplash

8) White kitchen backsplash

A glass tile backsplash in bright white adds a touch of shine to this ultra-modern kitchen. The high-gloss tiles give a shimmering and enchanting quality to the two-tone kitchen with flat-panel upper cabinets and bold wood lower cabinets.

White kitchen backsplash

9) Easygoing grays

Eye-catching gray and white tiles in this backsplash add visual balance to a primarily gray palette. The low-maintenance tile and marble countertop are perfect in this modern-meets-rustic kitchen.

Easygoing grays backsplash

10) Modern monochrome

A mix of metal and white kitchen backsplash tiles complement white shaker-style shelves. This high-gloss spin on kitchen neutrals provides an appealing background for modern accessories.

Modern monochrome backsplash

11) All the stone

The stacked-limestone backsplash in this traditional kitchen extends to the entire range wall to create a natural contrast with the bold brown surfaces. A chandelier-like range hood provides a focal point and contrasts with the wall treatment.

All the stone backsplash

12) Focal-point backsplash

The brick in this kitchen is the backsplash, wall, and overall focal point of this modern industrial kitchen. The brown, burnt orange, and red bricks contrast boldly with the modern grey cabinets. Open shelving and cabinet-to-ceiling windows add an open feel to this loft.

Focal-point backsplash

13) Mosaic kitchen backsplash

This rich grey base cabinetry would be heavy and dark, but a bright white granite countertop and mosaic backsplash bring light and movement into the room. The eye-catching backsplash with its geometric shape gives you the feeling of light bouncing off every angle.

Mosaic kitchen backsplash

14) Classic kitchen backsplash ideas

Apply classic materials in non-traditional patterns and combinations for a backsplash and countertop pairing that appears modern and fresh. The white granite countertop and shiplap backsplash give this farmhouse kitchen a modern feel. The contrasting kitchen island gives the room a pop of color.

Classic kitchen backsplash ideas

15) Unexpected backsplash combination

Establish character with an unexpected combination of flooring and backsplash materials. Ceramic tiles, typically used on floors, introduce rustic texture to this kitchen’s backsplash. The butcher block countertops add a natural element to ground this all-grey kitchen.

Unexpected backsplash combination

16) Backsplash ideas in marble

Marble countertops are an elegant and timeless choice. How about extending this treatment to the backsplash? The white marble backsplash in this charcoal grey kitchen is the perfect bright neutral to keep the kitchen airy.

Backsplash ideas in marble

17) Colorful farmhouse kitchen

Warm wood countertops and flooring set an inviting mood in this farmhouse kitchen. The wall and backsplash use oversized tiles to add visual appeal and color and bring a contemporary vibe to an otherwise traditional look.

Colorful farmhouse kitchen

18) Patterned backsplash ideas

This kitchen makes a contemporary statement with luxurious feature lighting and barstools. The mauve wall treatment complements the Shaker cabinetry in dusk, while the countertop’s gray veins pick up the light gray in the patterned tile backsplash.

Patterned backsplash ideas

19) Kitchen backsplash ideas with white cabinets

This modern kitchen features bright white quartz for both the countertops and backsplash. The bright white Shaker-style cabinets ensure streamlined, clean lines in a small kitchen.

Kitchen backsplash ideas with white cabinets

20) Dark countertops and backsplash

A dark grey subway tile backsplash creates a bold visual contrast to this kitchen’s bright white cabinets. The grey countertop anchors the contemporary design.

Dark countertops and backsplash

Update your kitchen today

A neutral backsplash is an easy and affordable way to give your kitchen a fresh and updated look. With the wide range of options available, you’re sure to find the perfect neutral backsplash to suit your style and needs. Take the first step – contact our expert kitchen designers today for ideas and guidance.

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