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The Ultimate Guide to 13 Sure-to-wow Kitchen Color Combinations

Most of us agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home, where everyone gathers to cook and dine, converse, read, work, entertain, and generally enjoy themselves. Your kitchen decor will affect the room’s mood and how it will welcome friends and family. Thoughtful and creative use of color is one of the simplest ways to put people at ease and establish the look and style of your kitchen.

Of course, the ultimate guide for kitchen color combinations could be endless, so we took the easiest trends to copy for your kitchen when choosing these 13 designs. The mix is with mainly neutral cabinets in white, gray, or charcoal to show you how to change the decor to fit your personality and style.

Here are 13 kitchen color schemes you can personalize to reflect your taste.

1 All white

All-white kitchens give the room a clean, open, and bright feel. They’re refreshing and crisp, which is perfect for kitchen spaces. This all-white kitchen features creative accents like the red oven knobs, gold cabinet handles, and pendant lighting to add a unique flair. The all-white theme is an excellent solution if you have a smaller kitchen to give it a more open feel.

All-white kitchens

2 Blue, white, and brown

Blue and brown are classic colors; think of the earth and sky. You can adjust the vibrancy of either color to make your kitchen energetic and bright or soothing and calm. This kitchen’s blue and brown scheme creates a refined yet natural look. This versatile color scheme pairs well with exposed wood, concrete, and metals.

kitchen's blue and brown scheme

3 Black, white and metallic

If you’re looking for a timeless kitchen style, his mix of black and white is a classic choice. Black adds sophistication, and the contrasting white is open, clean, and refreshing. The combination gives the space an elegant feel.

black white metalic kitchen

4 White, dark gray, and red

Introducing red to a dark gray and white pairing provides a new personality to this kitchen. The red lights bring out the richness in the dark gray Shaker cabinets and let the white Shaker cabinets shine, an appealing combination of opposites.

Black, white, and metallic kitchen

5 Antique white and purple

Unconventional purple walls give this kitchen a feeling of peace and elegance. Purple can be rich or pale when paired with antique white cabinets. These antique-white cabinets set against mauve purple create a kitchen space that is refined and graceful.

antique white cabinets

6 Pink and white

The combination of white cabinets with pink walls creates an airy and fun space that evokes relaxation and happiness. Pink is the color of compassion, caring, and love – pairing it with white cabinets in this kitchen creates a comfortable and relaxing ambiance.

white kitchen cabinets

7 Brown and white

When you blend elegant, modern, sleek design features with natural elements, you end up with a contemporary and calming kitchen look. A light wood floor, brown cabinets, and white backsplash come together for a bright and earthy kitchen.

contemporary kitchen look

8 Gray and white

Consider pairing gray and white if you have a small kitchen space but want to add more depth than is possible with an all-white kitchen scheme—the gray color ties in other kitchen elements like the appliances and granite or quartz countertops.

gray and white kitchen

9 All gray

Gray is a versatile color – it can be neutral, cool, or balanced, depending on other color elements in your kitchen. Gray works with any color and makes an excellent choice if you want to add brighter white decor or bring in pale or bold accents.

gray kitchen cabinets

10 Blue and gray

Blue and gray is an on-trend color scheme today. Think ice or day and night color scheme. Change the shades of blue and gray, and they work well with a range of other colors. This blue looks vibrant and energetic next to gray and orange.

blue and gray kitchen cabinets

11 Dark gray, white, and brown

The dark gray cabinets contrast with the brown wood floors, white backsplash, and white ceiling. Brown-leather floors paired with these gray cabinets work beautifully in a kitchen with abundant natural light. The stainless appliances reflect light and balance the dark gray cabinets.

white cabinets

12 Brown and green

If you have a kitchen with abundant light, consider a brown and green color scheme. The brown wood cabinets compliment the green walls, almost like bringing the forest into your home. Richer shades of these colors also work well when you have a larger, open kitchen. Choose paler shades if your kitchen is on the smaller side.

brown kitchen cabinets

13 Blue and brown

This kitchen has two design highlights: wood paneling and an integrated sink and countertop. The brown wood can be subtle or bold depending on the lighting and accent colors. Use a pale blue and bright yellow for the walls to add light and energy, or try a richer yellow and blue for a more down-to-earth look.

blue and brown kitchen cabinets

When choosing your kitchen color scheme, consider how colors affect the space. Smaller kitchens feel larger with neutral cabinet colors that reflect light, white, or dusk gray. If you like a bold atmosphere in your kitchen, consider dark gray cabinets and colorful accent decor.

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