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Increase Home Values With New Kitchen Cabinets

There are a few renovation projects that will increase home values for resale… almost guaranteed. Any improvements to the home’s overall condition are a good place to start. Making style updates that reflect the current decade usually pay off as well. If you plan to invest in more significant renovations, know that some projects add more to the home’s value than others. Most home improvement experts agree: Updating your kitchen is a reliable way to add value to your home.

If you have lived in your home for more than five years – or may sell in the next six to twelve months, you’ll want to look at your kitchen’s style and function. The first and most important reason to renovate the kitchen is for your family’s use and enjoyment of the room for cooking, dining, and entertaining. But if you are likely to sell, a bright new kitchen is a huge selling point. 

3 different kitchen renovation levels to consider. 


1. Minor kitchen remodel

You want to upgrade a functional but dated 200-sq.-ft. kitchen with 30 linear feet of cabinets and countertops. 

  • This minor remodel leaves the current cabinet boxes in place but replaces cabinet fronts with new shaker-style wood doors and drawer fronts, including new hardware. 
  • A full set of new energy-efficient appliances replaces the old stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher.
  • New laminate or quartz countertops replace dated tile, and a mid-priced sink and faucet fixture replace the builder’s standard version.
  • Options for new flooring include attractive vinyl or other resilient floorings that can be grouted to look like tile.
  • New paint from floor to ceiling completes the room’s updated look. 

According to’s “Cost vs. Value” report, this type of renovation comes in at an average cost of $23,452 – and typically brings a return value of 77% or $18,206. 


2. Mid-range kitchen remodel –

You want to completely update the same 200-sq.-ft. kitchen, using the same layout with mid-grade fixtures. 

  • This remodel includes new semi-custom wood cabinets and adds a 3 ft. x5 ft. island to create more functional space for storage, prep, cooking, and seating.  
  • A full set of energy-efficient appliances, built-in microwave, vented range hood, garbage disposal, and custom lighting replace the old stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and lighting. 
  • A double-sided stainless steel sink complements laminate or quartz countertops with an updated single-lever faucet.  
  • Options for new flooring include attractive vinyl or another resilient flooring that can be grouted to look like tile. 
  • New paint from floor to ceiling completes the room’s updated look.  

The “Cost vs. Value” report shows that a renovation on this scale has an average cost of $68,490 and a return value of 58% or $40,127.


3. Major remodel with high-end fixtures and finishes – 

For the same 200-sq.-ft. kitchen, the high-end renovation is more involved and comes with a higher price tag but a slightly smaller return.

  • New top-of-the-line custom-built white cabinets feature built-in sliding shelves and other interior accessories for maximum access and convenience. 
  • The countertops are stone with a backsplash of imported ceramic or glass tile; an undermount sink features designer faucets and a water filtration system.
  • Appliances include a built-in refrigerator, commercial-grade cooktop and vent hood, wall oven and built-in microwave/convection oven.
  • New lighting includes both task and general lighting as well as low-voltage under-cabinet lights.
  • The flooring is tile, wood, or wood-like laminate.

As you can imagine with designer and custom features, this upscale kitchen has a price tag to match, averaging $135,547. The return on this investment is typically 53% or $72,993. 

These three scenarios can help you think about the right type of kitchen remodel to serve your wants and needs. When you work with Simply Kitchen increasing your home’s value with new kitchen cabinets does not need to break the bank. You can choose from a range of cost-effective changes that you’ll enjoy for as long as you own the home – and position you to sell for a higher price when it’s time to move. 


Achieve impressive changes with even a minor kitchen remodeling project.

When you buy wholesale cabinets online through Simply Kitchen, you get even more bang for your buck since Simply Kitchen pricing comes in 40% less than stock cabinets from any local home improvement store. 

When you work with the certified designers at Simply Kitchen, they’ll help you choose a semi-custom set of new cabinets. They’ll also walk you through the range of accessories to improve your cabinets’ function and storage. They’ll coordinate your choice of quartz or granite countertops, compatible colors, and new vinyl/resilient flooring styles. In effect, you come away with an attractive mid-range remodel at a price similar to what you’d pay for minor remodel with cabinets sourced from the home improvement store. Check out our photo gallery today for your kitchen remodeling inspiration. 

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