Quality built kitchen cabinets

Your focus when choosing new kitchen cabinets should be on quality. Homeowners, like yourself, don’t want to remodel their kitchen every three to five years due to inferior quality cabinets. Through the right cabinet company, you can buy quality frameless kitchen cabinets on any budget.

Frameless vs. framed cabinets

You have a choice between two main types of kitchen cabinets for your remodel, frameless or framed cabinets. Frameless kitchen cabinets are a European style cabinet. With frameless kitchen cabinets, the door is attached to the side of the cabinet itself during construction. A frameless cabinet usually costs more to install as they need proper installation to function well.

With framed kitchen cabinets, a solid hardwood frame is attached to the cabinet, which is commonly seen in most cabinets in the united states. The cabinet hardware is then attached to the frame.

The choice of frameless vs. framed cabinets is one of style and aesthetics. Frameless kitchen cabinets work best with modern, contemporary, transitional or European style kitchens.

Modern beauty of frameless European style cabinets

Frameless cabinets are coated with a Melamine exterior and interior coating. Melamine is the best quality option as a thermofused coating and gets applied to plywood, particleboard, and wood veneers. Melamine coating is stain-resistant, fire-resistant, waterproof, and durable.

Melamine comes in different colors giving frameless cabinets a sleek, modern, and clean look. Look for a light-colored melamine interior to help you see what’s inside and easily keep it clean.

Frameless RTA cabinets or Pre-assembled frameless cabinets

Cabinet manufacturers have two main processes for building kitchen cabinets. The first is to build the frameless cabinet at the factory, box it up and ship it out – ready to install. Or, they make ready-to-assemble (RTA) frameless cabinets that arrive in parts, for you or your contractor to assemble in your kitchen.

Frameless cabinets can be purchased pre-assembled or RTA. Buying frameless RTA cabinets will save you money. RTA cabinets ship faster, allowing you to start your remodeling project sooner rather than wait for pre-assembled cabinets to arrive.

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