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Which Kitchen Style is Right For You?

What is your kitchen cabinet style?

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, the layout and appliances usually take a back seat to how you want the kitchen to look. Often a picture or color scheme has caught your eye, and you want to recreate that in your kitchen. Remodeling a kitchen is a reflection of your personality and overall home decor. You want to find kitchen cabinets that fit your style and the rest of the house.

But what if many styles catch your fancy? How do you know which kitchen style is right for you?

Most kitchen styles fall into one of three categories: contemporary, transitional, or traditional. Understanding these styles will help you discover your style.

Contemporary or “now” kitchen style


The contemporary kitchen focuses on function and simplicity with clean, sleek lines and a comfortable feel. Stainless steel and white appliances make the smoothest transition to a contemporary look that balances nicely with wood tones and warm colors. Contemporary kitchens are full of funky touches and unlimited color choices. Clutter is not welcome in a contemporary kitchen.

Cabinets with sleek lines and a minimalist look are perfect for a contemporary kitchen. Shaker style cabinets with one single frame on the door or frameless cabinets blend perfectly with this style. Both types of cabinets come in many colors to achieve a contemporary look with bold or neutral cabinets.

Transitional style kitchen

The transitional style is a blending and balancing of both traditional and contemporary. In a transitional kitchen, you’ll have crafted elements of geometric and clean lines in the cabinetry and countertops and molding. Often lighting with an industrial look is used throughout the kitchen, focusing on task and accent lighting above the countertops.

With a transitional style, almost everything goes, you can have elaborate framed two-toned cabinets with sleek countertops. Or choose frameless cabinets and surround them with wood and bright, bold colors. The cabinets don’t need to make a tremendous visual impact. Instead, it would help to have your cabinets blend in with the rest of the kitchen decor. This allows you to have bold colored accents or countertops as a focal point. Transitional style kitchen cabinets are often shaker style with a painted or stained finish.

Traditional kitchen style

The traditional kitchen allows for flexibility, but it most often relies on simple design while adding a few bold accents. Traditional kitchens typically incorporate painted cabinets with or without glass front doors,  simple granite or laminate countertops, and hardwood floors. The best traditional kitchens lean on classic elements, while still allowing family fun or guest entertainment.

Traditional style kitchen cabinets are usually in the framed cabinet category. The boxes are framed, and door styles vary with everything from one frame to multiple overlays and beveling. The traditional style doesn’t have to be boring. You can have two-toned cabinets in many colors or choose an island with a bold color to match your personality.

Your kitchen doesn’t need to fall into one style or category. You can choose all three elements and mix and match or go strictly down the line on one style if that’s your preference.

Explore the photo gallery to get a feel for the cabinets that grab your attention and feel like home. You can also contact our designers to help you identify your style and plan your new kitchen cabinets.

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