Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online with These 5 Tips
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Buy Kitchen Cabinets Online with These 5 Tips

With more people at ease with online shopping, retailers from every industry now offer products directly to consumers through various e-commerce platforms. Kitchen cabinet dealers now provide easy, stress-free online ordering options. Put these five tips to work, and you can purchase your kitchen cabinets online with complete confidence.

What to consider? 5 tips for buying kitchen cabinets online.

Before you click “add to cart,” you want to understand the type and quality of kitchen cabinets you consider and assure yourself you’re buying at the best possible price.

Kitchen cabinet dealers offer two types of cabinets – ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets and pre-assembled kitchen cabinets.

RTA kitchen cabinets come in at the most affordable price since the buyer completes the final assembly on site. These cabinets can ship quickly, often within 24 hours of placing an order, and usually arrive at your door in 4-6 business days. On the other hand, assembled kitchen cabinets will cost more due to additional factory labor and higher shipping costs.

What is the best way to buy kitchen cabinets?

The process of selecting and ordering kitchen cabinets online can be confusing. When you work with a reputable cabinet company specializing in high-quality cabinets and excellent customer service, they will assist you through any hurdles.

Use these 5 tips to safely buy kitchen cabinets online.

5 tips to safely buy kitchen cabinets online

1) Measure your kitchen accurately

Every kitchen design starts with accurate measurements. These measurements allow the kitchen designer to provide you with a layout that places each cabinet in the correct location to maximize your kitchen efficiency.

2) Take advantage of available design services

Complete your measurements, email them to the kitchen designer and schedule an online or in-person consultation.

3) Order sample doors if available

With your 3D design rendering back from the designer (usually within three business days), you can now choose the style and finish of your new cabinets. If you are considering several styles, you can order sample doors to see how each style would look in your kitchen. Sample doors are free and allow you to easily coordinate your flooring and countertop selections with your cabinet choices.

4) Browse the online photo gallery- 

Once you choose the style, you can click through the online photo gallery to see different examples and compare colors to come up with just the right look. Once you select the style you like, you can request a cost estimate based on your design layout.

5) Place your online order- 

With the measurements, layout, design consultation, and cabinet selection complete, you can point and click on the cabinet units you need. Many cabinet companies make the process even easier; when you’ve worked with the designer to finalize your choices, your order gets placed directly.

Buying cabinets online vs. buying cabinets in the store.

Simply Kitchen’s cabinet store in Atlanta

When you start your online search for new kitchen cabinets, you can easily compare different quality, styles, and pricing from several cabinet companies. If you’re buying from a local store, you can visit a cabinet showroom like the Simply Kitchen showroom in Norcross, Atlanta. You can walk through many cabinet layouts in different styles and colors to find one you like at a showroom. You can then order those cabinets onsite or place your order online when it’s most convenient.

Another option for kitchen cabinets is a big box store. A big box store will have fewer fully assembled model kitchens to consider and find the styles you like best – there may be only one or two display units.

The online advantage means you can browse many kitchen cabinet photo galleries. You can then choose the style of cabinet you like the best and compare colors and pricing.

Save money and get expert design services.

Kitchen Cabinet Designer

You’ll save money overall when you buy kitchen cabinets online and take advantage of expert design services at no charge. RTA kitchen cabinets will save you the most money; your upfront savings could allow you to hire a contractor to complete the installation. If you plan to go the DIY route, you can pocket those savings for a future project.

When you work with a cabinet company like Simply Kitchens, you’ can have confidence that your cabinets are of the highest quality, constructed from all-plywood materials. Simply Kitchens cabinets always include premium door hinges and drawer glides. These all-plywood semi-custom cabinets can last between 20-30 years with proper installation. When you shop around, you will quickly learn that it’s usually because it uses inferior wood and hardware if the cabinet is less expensive at a big box store.

You’ll save on the upfront cost by purchasing ready-to-assemble cabinets, and you don’t have to spend extra to hire a designer. Simply Kitchens offers expert kitchen design services – at no charge – for all customers. By contrast, when you buy from a big box store, you’ll be relying on guidance from an hourly employee who most likely has no formal interior design training. The kitchen designers at Simply Kitchens are certified interior designers who have the training and experience to improve your kitchen’s style and functionality.

Where to buy kitchen cabinets online?

How do you identify the best online sources for kitchen cabinets? Take time to review all the specs for a manufacturer’s RTA kitchen cabinets and their assembled cabinets. You’re looking for their commitment to using only premium all-plywood materials for every cabinet. Then it’s simply a matter of choosing the right style and look for your kitchen cabinets.

You can buy online or shop in person at Simply Kitchen’s cabinet store in Atlanta. Walkthrough the showroom of kitchen cabinets in Norcross to see which would go perfectly in your kitchen.

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