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How To Find the Perfect White Kitchen Cabinets

Do White Cabinets Complement Every Home?

When choosing the color of cabinets for your kitchen, it can be best to go with a neutral color. But neutral doesn’t mean boring, far from it. Neutral colors can be dressed up or kept in the background to brighten up your kitchen. White is the classic neutral. White cabinets go with everything, including red appliances, black countertops, or a choice of bold lighting fixtures in steel blue. Neutral white cabinets are the perfect complement.

Artistic Cabinets


White cabinets can also be the base to showcase your artistic side. You can choose frameless cabinets or Shaker-style framed cabinets in white to give your kitchen a modern, contemporary feel. You can then add the modern accents of silver handles and knobs and a contrasting tile backsplash. Add stainless-steel appliances to your white frameless cabinets’ high-gloss, and you have a modern-style kitchen.

Vintage Cabinets

Warm-up your white kitchen with an antique glaze or antique-white finish. This little extra flare will contrast nicely with two-toned cabinets in blue or blue tile or paint for the wall. Add a quartz or granite countertop in white and grey, and you have a beautiful transitional kitchen. You could even opt for gold accents in your hardware, window treatments, and accessories to give your antique-white kitchen a vintage feel.

Cottage White Cabinets

White is an easy way to update an otherwise dated kitchen. By installing white cabinets, you instantly bring your kitchen into the 21st century, even if you add details that give it a country or cottage style. Vintage hardware and pastel colors are beautiful with white cabinets.

Luxurious White Cabinets

cabinet-express-L Kitchen w/ Island

Dressing up white cabinets is very easy with dark tones in the countertops, flooring, and accessories. By adding detailed moldings, glass door panels, and rich materials such as dark granite countertops and stained Cherry wood flooring, white cabinets convey elegance and luxury.

White cabinets can be paired with different base cabinets, a kitchen island in a bold color, or contrasted by paint, tile, flooring, and pops of color in the accessories to compliment any home decor. You can also keep the cabinets white throughout to keep them neutral while keeping your kitchen bright and airy.

For inspiration on which white cabinets you should put in your kitchen visit our photo gallery.

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