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Gray Kitchen Cabinets for All Kitchen Sizes.

Are Gray Cabinets Right for Your Kitchen?

Gray in your kitchen is not going to give you the blues like storm clouds rolling in. Gray comes a close second to white as the most popular neutral cabinet color. You may be wondering how that can be because, to you, gray means dull and boring. Lets challenge that thinking by showing how beautiful your kitchen can be with gray kitchen cabinets.

Gray for small or large kitchens

While gray is neutral, it can be overwhelming if you have a small kitchen. With a smaller kitchen footprint, youll want to install lighter gray kitchen cabinets. That way, your cabinets brighten the space, not give it a closed-in feel. In a larger kitchen, dark gray can give your room a grounded and calm feel, which is helpful if you have a large family and many activities going on at once.

Gray changes with undertones

Gray is an exciting color on its own. Depending on blue, red, or yellow undertones, gray becomes a warm or cool color. Designing your kitchen to incorporate gray kitchen cabinets as a neutral, you want to pay attention to the hue when you add your hardware, accessories, and decorations. They will either play well with the undertones or conflict with them.

Here are a few examples of how gray cabinets pair well with decorations, flooring, hardware, and accessories.

  • Gray tones work well with any wood. So you could have gray kitchen cabinets, with a mahogany wood kitchen island.
  • Butter yellow paint, tile and decorations look great with a dove gray kitchen cabinet.
  • Charcoal gray cabinets are beautiful and elegant with ivory countertops, paint, and tile.
  • Even the splash or wave of turquoise in your kitchen will go wonderfully with light or dark gray with blue undertones.

Hardware to use with gray cabinets

Cabinet-Express-Showroom-Showroom-framelessYour hardware can mix in nicely with gray kitchen cabinets. The most common color paired with gray cabinets is silver or brushed nickel finish. Gold or brass pulls, and knobs look complementary with gray cabinets in warm-tone or red and yellow undertones. Those blue undertones in gray cabinets bring out the metal or stainless-steel shine. And dont forget about the charcoal, almost black-gray cabinets that look beautiful with black hardware and appliances.

To see if gray cabinets are right for you, bring in your color swatches, tile, flooring or countertop samples into Simply Kitchens in Norcross, Atlanta, You can then visit with a Simply Kitchen designer to get the layout right and order your cabinets at 40% of home improvement store prices.

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