19 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Your Remodel

Homeowners love the charm and warmth that comes with a farmhouse-inspired kitchen design. If you want to transform your kitchen into a cozy and welcoming space, these 19 farmhouse kitchen ideas will blow your mind. We’ll explore the world of farmhouse kitchen style, including cabinet types, lighting options, color palettes and decor tips, so you can bring a farmhouse aesthetic into your kitchen remodel.

Type of kitchen cabinets that suit a farmhouse kitchen

The cabinets you choose for your farmhouse kitchen will be one of your most important decisions. Here are eight different types of kitchen cabinets to consider:

  1. Shaker cabinets – Shaker cabinets are a classic choice for a reason – they pair well with the farmhouse design aesthetic. Shaker design is simple yet elegant, with clean lines and sturdy construction. Shaker cabinets look fantastic finished in a natural or light stain that highlights the wood’s beauty. Or you might prefer a painted finish, choosing from a variety of shades that includes classic whites, light grays, and muted blues, to bring a touch of color to the farmhouse kitchen. These cabinets naturally suit a traditional farmhouse design. For a more modern take on the style, pair Shaker cabinets with stainless steel appliances to introduce a sleek, contemporary edge to your kitchen.
  1. Glass-front cabinets – Glass-front cabinets can enhance a farmhouse kitchen’s warm, rustic feel. They allow you to showcase handmade pottery, mason jars, and other decorative items that fit right in with a farmhouse aesthetic. Many homeowners use the top shelves to display pitchers, jars, and vases, and reserve the bottom shelves for everyday dishes.shaker style farmhouse kitchen
  1. Raised-panel cabinets – Raised-panel cabinets represent a traditional style of cabinetry that is an excellent option for a farmhouse kitchen design. The additional panel creates extra stability and durability to ensure years of functional use. Raised-panel cabinets add an extra layer of depth and detail that elevates the overall appearance of the space.

farmhouse raised panel

  1. Flat-panel cabinets – These minimalist cabinets work well if you want to create a more modern farmhouse look. Flat-panel cabinets add a sleek and modern touch to the farmhouse style that’s becoming increasingly popular. Compared to traditional raised panel cabinets, flat-panel cabinets feature doors and drawers with a flat or smooth surface to achieve a crisp look that’s ideal for modern design styles.


  1. Open shelving – Functional and stylish open shelving is a popular choice for farmhouse kitchens. Open shelving allows you to showcase your favorite serving pieces, bakeware or cookware, and other unique decor. With open shelving you can show off your style and personality, adding warmth and character to your kitchen. You can select colors, finishes, and materials that go well with your preferred kitchen design.


  1. Two-toned cabinets – Kitchen cabinets in two different colors, with the upper cabinets one main color and the lower cabinets being the other main color. This can add a unique flair to your kitchen. The two-tone cabinet look creates visual connection between the ceiling and the floor. Complementary colors in either classic or contemporary hues will create visual interest on their own, and can also guide the eye towards show-stopping features in the room, like an exquisite range hood or a distinctive lighting fixture. Two-tone cabinets introduce an element of playfulness that you can dial up or down with colors that fit your vision and style.

two tone farmhouse

  1. Gray cabinets – Gray kitchen cabinets add a touch of elegance to the overall farmhouse kitchen look. Gray kitchen cabinets offer a minimalist look that still adds a touch of personality and style to the kitchen. They allow a unique farmhouse kitchen decor piece to shine as a focal point. Neutral gray cabinets also allow you to experiment with different patterns, textures, and materials in other parts of the kitchen.

gray farmhouse kitchen

  1. Natural wood cabinets – Natural wood cabinets give your farmhouse kitchen an earthy vibe that pairs perfectly with rustic decor. One of the key benefits of natural wood cabinets is their versatility. They complement a variety of design styles, from traditional and classic to modern rustic. Natural wood cabinets inject warmth and texture to your kitchen and create a natural, organic feel that is inviting and comfortable. Wood’s beautiful imperfections – knots, natural variations, and grain patterns – add welcome character to a space.

farmhouse natural wood kitchen

At Simply Kitchens, you can order sample doors from our complete range of cabinet styles to help you get choose the right farmhouse look in your new kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchen Decor

Once you’ve chosen your cabinets, it’s time to think about farmhouse kitchen decor. Here are four classic farmhouse elements to consider:

  1. Natural materials – Look for items made from wood, stone, and metal. Farmhouse-centric materials include wrought iron cabinet hardware, subway tile accent walls, a wood beam ceiling, and woven baskets.

farmhouse natural material kitchen

  1. Farmhouse sink – A farmhouse sink is the final touch for a classic farmhouse kitchen. These deep, wide sinks are as practical as they are eye-catching and add a distinctive charm to your kitchen space.


  1. Vintage industrial pieces – Vintage industrial pieces, such as a custom metal sign or antique scale, can serve both functional and design purposes. They are natural conversation starters that will anchor your farmhouse design.

farmhouse vintage industrial kitchen

  1. Accent walls – An accent wall is a cost-effective way to create a stand-out element in the kitchen. Try incorporating a brick or white shiplap wall to give the room a classic farmhouse feel.

accent wall farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen lighting

Lighting can make or break the overall ambiance of your kitchen. Here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect farmhouse kitchen lighting:

  1. Pendant lighting – Hanging pendant lights over the island will give the kitchen a warm glow and create a focal point.

farmhouse_pendant lighting

  1. Chandelier – For the farmhouse kitchen, look for a chandelier with wood or metal accents.

Farmhouse chandelier

  1. Lantern – A lanterns above the sink, kitchen table, or island will add to the authenticity and charisma of a country-style home.

farmhouse lantern light kitchen

  1. Track lighting – Track lighting suits a modern farmhouse kitchen. It’s sleek and clean and provides ample light.

farmhouse track lights kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen color combinations

Here are three favorite color combinations to achieve a distinctive farmhouse look:

  1. White & gray – This classic combination keeps your kitchen crisp and open. Pair white cabinetry with an island in a weathered gray stain.

white and gray farmhouse kitchen

  1. Two-tone wood – Consider a darker stain on the lower cabinets and a light or natural wood finish on the upper cabinets. This two-tone cabinet look evokes a traditional farmhouse feel.

farmhouse two tone kitchen

  1. Bold color – If you want to add a distinctive color element to the room, consider bringing in a bold hue such as dark teal or navy. A strong, custom color makes a statement that can effortlessly elevate the entire space.

 bold island farmhouse kitchen

Homeowners love how a farmhouse look transforms their kitchen into a welcoming and charming space. At Simply Kitchens, our expert kitchen designers provide free kitchen design and layout services. We to can help you mix and match different elements to create your dream farmhouse kitchen, and ensure your cabinets, decor, lighting, and color scheme all work together to create a cozy atmosphere that you and your family will appreciate for years to come. Contact us today to bring new life to your kitchen.

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Frequently asked questions about farmhouse kitchens

  1. What color cabinets look best in a farmhouse kitchen?

In most cases, the best color schemes for farmhouse-style cabinets involve neutral colors like white and light gray, and light wood finishes. Gray provides a classic look and is versatile enough to combine with other colors or accents. White gives your kitchen an airy and open feel and reflects natural light throughout the space. Light wood provides a warm, natural look that aligns with the rustic farmhouse aesthetic, and blends well with hardwood flooring in your kitchen. Muted, subtle blues, greens, and even yellows allow you to introduce calming color into your kitchen.

  1. What is the best type of cabinet style for a farmhouse kitchen?

Shaker-style cabinets are always a popular choice for a farmhouse kitchen. The clean lines of Shaker style align with the simplicity and functionality of the farmhouse design style. This style matches well with other plants and woven baskets you often see in farmhouse decor and serves to highlight rustic elements rather than competing with them. While  the classic white Shaker-style cabinet will always be in demand, Shaker-style cabinets in other colors, such as light gray, soft blue, or natural wood finishes will also complement the cozy and diverse combination of elements that characterizes the farmhouse kitchen.

  1. What are modern farmhouse kitchen colors?

Modern farmhouse colors include shades of white, black, and gray for a clean and neutral palette. Soft, muted earth tones like sage green, light blue, and blush pink can add a subtle pop of color. Rustic browns and natural wood tones add texture and warmth to the space. For a more dramatic farmhouse look, bring in bold accent colors such as navy, emerald green, or mustard yellow for home accessories, furniture, or artwork. A black-and-white color scheme brings a contemporary edge to modern farmhouse style.

  1. How do I decorate a farmhouse kitchen?

Decorating a farmhouse kitchen involves incorporating vintage, rustic, and cozy elements to create an inviting space.

  1. Use natural wood finishes for cabinets, floors, and other surfaces.
  2. Incorporate vintage light fixtures, such as rustic chandeliers or pendant lights.
  3. Install open shelving to display dishware and add texture.
  4. Display fresh or artificial floral arrangements.
  5. Add a vintage area rug, such as a braided oval rag rug.
  6. Choose woven or fabric window coverings, such as Roman shades or burlap curtains, to add warmth and texture.
  7. Accessorize with rustic or vintage signs, wood crates, chalkboards and antique pitchers.

Farmhouse kitchen decor is about embracing tried-and-true vintage function and looks and choosing warm, natural colors that express your personal style.

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