Grey kitchen Cabinet Designs

20 Grey Kitchen Cabinet Designs You’ll Love

There is no room in the house as versatile as the kitchen. When your kitchen is the central hub of your home, its color, style, and cabinet design should also be versatile.

Grey kitchen cabinets make a versatile and neutral choice – and neutral does not have to mean boring when it comes to grey! Whether you’re choosing modern grey kitchen cabinets or a contemporary grey in a Shaker style, you’ll find grey cabinets are here to stay. Come along for a bit of inspiration while we explore the difference between a bold charcoal grey cabinet and a dusk grey and many options in between.

Why grey kitchen cabinets?

Do you ever wonder why you’re drawn to grey when you feel anxious, nervous, and looking for a bit of peace and security? You are naturally drawn to grey due to its ability to evoke feelings. Grey is a neutral that works with any color and style. Grey has a unique place in color psychology that sparks feelings of warmth, comfort, and calm. The feeling may change with the warmth or coolness of the individual grey – warmer greys have red, orange, and yellow undertones, while cooler greys have blue, green, and purple undertones.

Warmer tones are associated with warmth and comfort, while cooler colors are associated with relaxation and calm. Depending on the grey you choose for your cabinets, you can balance it with other colors in your decor to ensure you achieve the desired feel and look.

Modern grey kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets feature a slab door or flat front, a look often associated with European cabinet construction. Modern grey cabinets can make a bold statement in your kitchen or blend into the background while other colors and features play a starring role.

Here are 6 modern grey kitchen cabinet designs sure to inspire

Grey kitchen cabinets in a modern industrial kitchen

These grey cabinets fade into the background, set along the exposed brick walls of this open kitchen. The cabinets add warmth to metal surfaces and exposed piping and ductwork that run along the walls and ceiling and appear as an accent in the furniture. This balance between modern and industrial with warm accents makes this the perfect kitchen for entertaining.

Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Modern dark grey kitchen cabinets

This kitchen’s beautiful flat-front charcoal grey cabinets make a bold statement. The kitchen is warm and inviting, with a look that’s balanced with wood door fronts, wood countertops, and lighter grey lighting fixtures to accent the dark cabinets.

Grey Kitchen Design

Ultra-modern dark grey cabinets

The yellow appliances and decor pop, making a statement in this ultra-modern kitchen. The grey cabinets provide a modern backdrop to the dark grey flooring, while the wood wall paneling keeps the grey from overpowering the room and the yellow from feeling too modern. This kitchen is an excellent blend of personality and sophistication.

Bright and bold grey cabinets

The grey base cabinets in this kitchen anchor bright white upper cabinets and a waterfall marble countertop. Plants and lighter grey accent pieces.

Bright and bold grey cabinets

Sleek and modern grey cabinets

These light grey frameless cabinets work beautifully in this open kitchen. The soft grey adds comfort, and the wood accents provided by the table and flooring, plus the grey throw on the nearby sofa—create a relaxing environment for cooking and dining.

modern grey cabinets

Fun accents with dark grey cabinets

These modern flat front dark grey cabinets come to life with accent tiles in a lively pattern. The wood, plants, and rattan give the kitchen depth and a comfortable feel. Modern stainless steel appliances and streamlined cabinet hardware keep the room firmly grounded in modern times.

modern grey cabinets

7 light grey kitchen cabinets to add luxury and style to any home

Light grey kitchen cabinets

Light grey cabinets and white wall tile brighten s the room with reflecting light from stainless steel fixtures. The white countertop also reflects light onto the grey cabinets to give the kitchen a relaxed feeling, and the wood floor adds a welcome natural element.

Light grey kitchen cabinets

Light grey shaker kitchen cabinets

These Shaker-style cabinets in light grey tilt the kitchen into contemporary design territory. Accented by black hardware and light fixtures, this kitchen is both stylish and comfortable.

Light grey shaker kitchen cabinets

Light grey kitchen cabinets with gold accents

This kitchen mixes neutral and luxurious elements with grey Shaker-style kitchen cabinets and gold hardware. The wood floor balances the metal and the grey.

Light grey kitchen cabinets with gold accents

Light grey cabinets and white countertops

Floor-to-ceiling grey kitchen cabinets could overwhelm this kitchen. Still, the bright white countertop., multi-level lighting, and large patio doors introduce plenty of light—the grey and white backsplash tile nicely complement the cabinets.

Light grey cabinets and white countertops

All light grey kitchen cabinets

There is nothing dark in this kitchen, with bright white countertops and subway tile walls that accent light grey shaker cabinets. The hardware in brushed nickel reflects additional light to achieve a comfortable and warm look.

light grey kitchen cabinets

Luxurious light grey kitchen

The cream and gold accents in this light grey kitchen give it another level of sophistication. The light grey shaker cabinets are perfectly contemporary, with a few glass fronts for displaying important dishware. The backsplash in cream and gold is a beautiful eye-catcher that elevates the room.

Luxurious light grey kitchen

Light grey kitchen cabinets welcome any occasion

This kitchen is fun and airy with a mix of light grey kitchen cabinets, exposed brickwork, hardwood floors, and wood countertops. The light grey cabinets set the tone for entertaining, cooking, and relaxation.

light grey cabinets

Not yet ready for all-grey kitchen cabinets?

This kitchen has a beautiful grey island with a white and grey marble countertop. The upper and base cabinets surrounding the island are in bright white Shaker style. Try a two-tone cabinet design if you love grey cabinets but are not ready to go all in.

beautiful grey kitchen cabinets

6 dark grey kitchen cabinets to inspire

Dark grey kitchen cabinets make a statement

Balanced by the light wood flooring, bright white countertop, and large windows, these dark grey kitchen cabinets give this kitchen a clean and contemporary look.

Dark grey kitchen cabinets

Dark grey kitchen cabinets brightened with pops of color

In this retro-designed kitchen, the dark grey cabinet is accented with red light fixtures and a bright white kitchen island. The Shaker-style cabinets keep the look contemporary, while the tile backsplash and mix of colors add a few interesting retro elements.

retro-designed kitchen

Dark grey kitchen cabinets with classic black

These dark grey cabinets with black hardware, black granite countertops, and wrought iron lighting create an upscale, urban look. The wood floor adds warmth and contrast.

Dark grey kitchen cabinets with classic black

Dark grey kitchen cabinets in the galley

This bright galley kitchen radiates contemporary sophistication with its dark grey kitchen cabinets and waterfall grey and white island. The grey kitchen cabinets are accented by multi-level lighting, from can lights to pendants, under the cabinet, and floor lighting.

Dark grey kitchen cabinets in the galley

Dark grey kitchen cabinets all the way

This kitchen provides a sleek backdrop for fine dining and entertaining. The black countertop, backsplash, and dark grey cabinets would overwhelm a smaller space. The white walls flow from the kitchen to the living area, lending light to the bold statement made by black and grey.

Dark grey kitchen cabinets

Dark grey kitchen cabinets for days

This beautiful kitchen in dark grey balances floor-to-ceiling dark grey kitchen cabinets with oversize chevron pattern hardwood floors, stainless steel, and white ceilings. The dark grey Shaker-style cabinets are the perfect contemporary backdrop in this open-plan kitchen. Countertops and sleek pendant lighting keep the room bright.

dark grey Shaker-style cabinets

Are you ready for grey kitchen cabinets?

If you want your kitchen to feel larger without losing the warmth and comfort of a smaller room, grey kitchen cabinets are for you. Grey cabinets can give you a modern, dramatic, bold, or laid-back style when accented with your favorite decor. Simply Kitchens can help you design your dream kitchen today – contact our expert kitchen designers to get started.

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