9 Ways to Liven Up Your Kitchen Decor This Spring
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9 Ways to Liven Up Your Kitchen Decor This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to find fresh inspiration and add new life to your kitchen. As the warmer weather moves in, here are nine new kitchen decor ideas to freshen your kitchen look.

9 ways to liven up your kitchen for spring

1. Bring the outside … in

Decorating the kitchen for spring can be as easy as placing a few blooms in a simple vase on your kitchen island. You could hang a floral garland around the edge of your range hood. The idea is to change your decor with fresh accents inspired by the great outdoors.

Decorating kitchen with some flowers and pots

Flowers are beautiful and will add a lot of life to a kitchen. Whether you choose a blooming plant in a colorful pot or pick up a mixed bouquet to place in a vase, you’ll have an attractive focal point. If you’re ambitious and start ahead, you can grow your favorites, such as tulips or daffodils. Everyone will love the interplay between the colors and the scent of the flowers in your kitchen.

If flowers are not your thing, indoor plants can be a great way to add greenery and life to your kitchen decor. Many types of potted plants are easy to take care of and enrich the environment of your indoor living space. You can easily reposition potted plants when it’s time to decorate for a new season.

2. Bask in the light

Natural light is a gift to the kitchen. Wash your windows and window coverings to remove dinginess; the room will seem brighter even if the sun isn’t shining. Consider adding more light fixtures to brighten the space, especially if you have smaller windows. You can add recessed lights to the ceiling for whole-room lighting or consider pendant lighting over the countertop for task lighting. Lights over the cooktop can help with food prep. You can choose from various light fixtures to add personality and class to your kitchen decor.

Lights over the cooktop can help with food prep

3. Declutter to reduce stress

Many people like to start their spring cleaning by decluttering the kitchen. Say goodbye to any tools you haven’t used in years, like the garlic press or cheese slicer, and you’ll create a more accessible kitchen to work in and one that’s easier to keep clean and organized. When you have a home for each tool and appliance, you always know where to look for it, which will reduce stress when you are ready to cook.

To tackle decluttering:

  1. Start with the obvious: countertop surfaces.
  2. Get rid of junk mail, and go through lingering paperwork so you can file it, throw it away, or take any required action.
  3. Once your countertops are clear, choose one drawer at a time and remove items to sort through them.
  4. Toss anything broken or in bad condition; realistically, you won’t use it.
  5. Wipe down the inside of the drawers and replace your items. Once you’ve worked to clear the drawers, you can do the same with your cabinets.

4. Spring-clean to banish winter blues

Springtime gets you eager to move winter out and welcome warmer weather. Clean your refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards, and dispose of expired food items. Wipe down walls and scrub floors. Start this process as early as possible to enjoy the freshness and be ready to open the windows when warm weather arrives.

Clean your refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards, and dispose of expired food items

Source: https://www.freepik.com/

5. Plan simple but effective storage

simple way to help your kitchen stay clean and organized is to invest in kitchen drawer organizers

A simple way to help your kitchen stay clean and organized is to invest in kitchen drawer organizers to store utensils or in-cabinet racks to store cooking pans and baking sheets.

  • Make use of space– You may be able to move certain small kitchen appliances and cookware to a different room if you don’t often use them. Move small appliances, such as the toaster or coffee bean grinder, off the countertop and into a cabinet to easily achieve a less cluttered look. This will free up space in your kitchen and make it look much neater.
  • Maximize your current storage – Use your cabinets and drawers wisely to store as much as possible. Organize and store items by how much you use them, and keep the items you regularly use within easy reach.
  • Add organization– It’s nice to have a home for everything. You can transform your kitchen into an organized oasis with cabinet organizers for corner cabinets, in-between cabinet pantry pullouts, drawer organizers, and roll-out shelves.

6. Add a fresh pop of color to the kitchen walls

If you’re feeling a little stuck for color in your kitchen this spring, a new pop of color on the kitchen walls could do the trick. Paint the walls a bright color to remove the dingy feeling and freshen the kitchen. Consider hanging baskets, plants, and a mirror to bring visual interest and light to your kitchen wall decor. Finding art with bright colors and springtime flowers like peonies or cherry blossoms will add life to your kitchen decor.

add fresh pop of color to the kitchen walls

7. Get cozy with comfortable seating

If you struggle to connect your kitchen to your lounge or dining area, a kitchen island seating area can help. Add a few bar stools to create a relaxed cooking and entertaining atmosphere. The island’s countertop creates another opportunity to bring in decor for a springtime feel. You can place a colorful vase, fresh fruit, or colorful greenery giving your kitchen counter decor a spring upgrade.

Get cozy with comfortable seating

8. Revive your spirit with fresh scents

Scents play an essential role in how you feel about your kitchen – they help create a welcoming environment and make your kitchen feel more like home. If you want to liven up your kitchen this spring, consider adding some natural scents for a more homey atmosphere. The smell of fresh fruit, flowers, and baked goods can remove the shackles of winter and get you moving again.

Aromatic oil diffuser lamp on the table on a blurred background with a beautiful spring bouquet of tulips and burning candles .

Source : https://www.freepik.com

9. Change up your look with a kitchen renovation

Finally, if your kitchen looks a little weary and you are ready for a whole new look, you can make a plan to renovate. Updated kitchen cabinets will renew your kitchen and add value to your home. When you stay with your current layout but add cabinets that provide extra storage solutions, tall cabinets that extend to the ceiling, and a kitchen island, you’ll have the best of both worlds – a new kitchen and better storage. Once installed, you can easily change up the look with kitchen island decor.

Change up your look with a kitchen renovation

Frequently asked questions about springtime kitchen decor ideas

Why do we spring clean?

Rituals.com notes that “spring cleaning,” or yearly home cleaning is common in many cultures. Spring cleaning became an annual custom in the American home by the 1870s. Now, many homeowners continue the practice of getting rid of dirt brought in throughout the winter and giving their homes a fresh start for the new season.

How can I decorate my kitchen for spring?

You can incorporate spring into the kitchen and any room in the house by adding flowers, spring-themed art, and smaller pieces like candles or picture frames in colors that evoke the spirit of spring.

What month should you start spring cleaning?

While spring cleaning can begin anytime you feel the urge, the fourth week in March is National Cleaning week. It’s an excellent time to find the inspiration to freshen up your kitchen and bring in new decor.

Freshen up your kitchen for spring

With spring on the way, there’s no better time to brighten your kitchen with a new look you’ll enjoy through all the seasons. The professional kitchen designers at Simply Kitchens can help you select the perfect kitchen island, choose storage options, and find new cabinets to transform your kitchen for springtime. From ideas about fresh flowers to light fixtures, kitchen storage solutions, and the latest kitchen cabinet designs, you’ll find plenty of inspiring ideas from which to choose. Contact us today to see which options work best for you.


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