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Are Wood Grain Cabinets Right for Your Kitchen?

Are Wood Grain Cabinets Still Popular?

Whether you choose wood kitchen cabinets in a light, dark or medium color, a lot of texture, or a little, you can find wood cabinets to fit every kitchen. Wood cabinets bring a natural warm feeling back to the kitchen. Wood grain cabinets come in a variety of colors to match your decor and style.

Light, dark or medium color

When people think of wood grain cabinets, often, the first image that comes to mind is dark and heavy feeling cabinets. But even dark cabinets can span a range of styles from contemporary to traditional. When dark oak is paired with a light color wood or tile flooring and lighter quartz or granite countertops, the style morphs from traditional to transitional.

Dark walnut cabinetry can also be beautiful when mixed with white countertops, white tile, or even white upper cabinets. The mix of light and dark give the kitchen a bright, clean, and elegant look.

Even in a dark color, the cabinetry style can change from traditional with framed doors and multi-level overlays to modern frameless cabinets in dark wood grain with smooth-sleek doors for a contemporary kitchen. Showing that no matter the color, wood grain cabinets can span the popular cabinet styles on the market today.

Lighter color wood cabinets like a Douglas fir, honey oak, or medium-tone hickory can bring warmth and light to your kitchen. These cabinets can be finished with a natural stain or painted to give your room a completely different look. However, when choosing the wood cabinets, showing the wood grain texture is what brings out the personality and natural style. These textures can then complement different decorations and accessories to accent the style youre trying to achieve.

Here are some examples of different pairings of wood cabinets, hardware, and accessories.

  • Ribbed-glass inserts enhance the vintage look.
  • Custom woodwork and cabinet doors with a decorative leaded glass design provide a mix of traditional and antique styles.
  • Naturally finished wood cabinets add to a farmhouse style.
  • Dark oak cabinetry gives a classy look to a modern kitchen.
  • Pair brushed nickel hardware with light oak cabinets for almost invisible hardware and a smooth look.

Wood grain cabinets will always be a popular choice in kitchen cabinetry. Many custom builders choose solid wood as their medium, and semi-custom companies like Simply Kitchen bring the same all-natural looks to their wood cabinet styles. To discover how natural wood cabinets could fit into your kitchen, visit our photo gallery today.

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