10 Ways to Style Gray Kitchen Cabinets
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10 Ways to Style Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinets have emerged as a popular and versatile choice for kitchen remodels for several years now. If you choose gray for your cabinets, then comes the next set of questions: What countertops will pair well? Which appliance finish do I want? Which wall colors will go with the cabinets? Do I want the flooring to match or contrast? Gray provides a great neutral foundation that creates plenty of options for color to add to your kitchen’s decor. 

Selecting the Shade of Gray Shaker Cabinets

Grey kitchen cabinets come in many different tones. You can decide which tone you like for your remodel since it will set the stage for everything that comes next. Most of the time, a small kitchen will fare better with lighter gray shades. If your kitchen is blessed with a lot of natural light, dark gray cabinets can work beautifully.

Gray has many different undertones. You’ll find warm grays with tan or beige undertones and cool grays with blue undertones— warm grays pair well with browns, reds, and yellows for accent and decor colors. Cooler grays work best with white, blue, purple, and green. 

If you’re having a hard time choosing between dark gray kitchen cabinets and light gray kitchen cabinets, we’ve got you covered.

Dark vs. Light Gray Shaker or Modern Cabinets

Modern kitchens that feature gray shaker cabinets or modern cabinets lean toward cool shades of dark gray. A more traditional or farmhouse kitchen will look good with warm, light gray tones. Of course, these are not hard and fast rules – choose whichever shade you like best!

Dark gray kitchen cabinets

Dark gray kitchen cabinets can vary from a solid gunmetal gray to charcoal, almost-black gray. It looks good with blue, black, green, or white as a contrast color with its cool undertone. You can even mix green or blue tints into dark gray to create a unique gray-green or a blue-gray finish; 

Light gray kitchen cabinets

Light gray can be a color that’s almost white with a gray undertone to a warmer gray-beige. If you have a smaller kitchen, light gray kitchen cabinets will reflect the light and brighten the space. The same color in a larger kitchen could bring a stark, almost sterile feel to the room, especially if you use cool accent colors. In a larger kitchen, a warmer tone of light gray will keep it feeling comfortable and inviting. 

10 Different Style Ideas for Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Here are 10 gray kitchen ideas to help you decide if gray cabinets are right for your new kitchen. 

Light gray with cream countertops

Source – Houzz

Cream or off-white countertops will pair nicely with grays in warmer tones. 

The warm tones give a contemporary kitchen a comfortable feel.

Light gray with gray countertops

Source – cocodesign.com

A monochromatic look adds chic style to any kitchen. A countertop in a gray shade that’s slightly lighter than your cabinets creates a sleek, minimalist look. 

Light gray with beige countertops

Source – bigchill.com

Cream, beige, and brown shades in your countertop paired with light gray cabinets will bring a warm ambiance to the kitchen. This beige countertop with flecks of brown is perfect for a traditional or farmhouse-style kitchen.

Light gray with bright white countertops

Source – www.home-designing.com

Give your kitchen a relaxed, contemporary feel by mixing light gray cabinets and white countertops. White appliances complete this bright, fresh look. 

Light gray with white backsplash

Source – Amy Bartlam

A white backsplash enhances light gray cabinets. White subway tile is perfect for a transitional or farmhouse style kitchen. A white herringbone tile will give the kitchen more of a classic look.

Dark gray with contrasting white countertops 

Dark gray Shaker cabinets and white countertops create a simple, clean look. This style works well in a contemporary, farmhouse, modern or traditional kitchen. 

Dark gray with dark gray countertops 

Modern, dark gray cabinets can anchor an industrial-chic look. A dramatic dark backsplash can also work with darker cabinets to create a modern look with black appliances. 

Dark gray with black countertops

If you gravitate to a modern minimalist look, dark gray cabinets with black countertops add a bold backdrop to make any contemporary kitchen. 

Gray And White Kitchen Cabinets


This two-tone cabinet combination pairs gray Shaker base cabinets and white Shaker cabinets for the upper-wall cabinets. The two colors balance out the space. This kitchen complements gray and white cabinets with gold hardware.

Gray Cabinets With Matching Gray Kitchen Island

Source – decorpad.com

While most homeowners choose a contrasting kitchen island, a full suite of dark gray Shaker cabinets creates an elegant effect. The gray cabinets with bright white countertop give the room a contemporary feel.

Are gray kitchen cabinets right for your home? 

If gray – in all its many tones and forms – has captured your imagination, it’s time to explore the gray shaker cabinets at Simply Kitchens. You’ll find a complete selection of premium gray Shaker and frameless cabinets, available RTA or fully assembled, to start your remodeling project right away.

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