Coolest Kitchen Design Ideas For Corner Cabinets
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Coolest Kitchen Design Ideas For Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets … you either love them or hate them. Especially in older homes, when two cabinets meet in the corner, they are often less than functional and accessible.

As you consider different corner cabinet ideas, today’s cabinet innovations can help you make good use of that otherwise wasted space. From corner kitchen cabinet pull-outs, lazy susans, and specialty drawers, you’ll have the coolest corner cabinets on the block –  your favorite storage space.

Let’s explore the coolest corner kitchen cabinet ideas.

The lazy susan

Two-tier lazy susan in a kidney shape

The lazy susan isn’t new, but it’s still one of the handiest accessories for a small corner kitchen cabinet. There is very little dead space around the lazy susan turntables. You can fill up each tray and still see all of the items you store in the corners. The kidney shape allows you to have an accordion door for the corner cabinet, which avoids colliding doors. 

Pie-cut lazy susan

A pie-cut lazy susan is similar to the kidney-shaped turntable because it still rotates, but it attaches to the cabinet door, which also rotates. This configuration allows you convenient access to everything inside without a worry about the door’s positioning. If a door would be impeded by an appliance or another door’s handle, this is a perfect solution. 

Full-circle lazy susan

If you have a corner set at a 45-degree angle instead of 90 degrees, the full-circle lazy susan may work well in your kitchen design. This gives you a full door and extra space on the turntable for more storage. 

D-shaped lazy susan 

This corner cabinet accessory is ideal for the upper corner cabinets or larger corner cabinets with an appliance garage. A d-shaped lazy susan gives you full turntable access while still making good use of hard-to-reach spaces. 

Half-moon lazy susan

This lazy susan is a more modern take on shelving for the corner cabinets. These shelves make beautiful additions to a blind corner. They pull out with the door and glide smoothly back around the corner when you’re done. There is no second-guessing what you have stored in this cabinet –you can pull the shelf right out to see everything. This is great for heavier items like canned goods and small appliances, as you can lift them straight up and out.

The half-moon leads beautifully into the other blind pull-out ideas for corner storage. These cabinet accessories work well for older houses where increasing your kitchen footprint may not be possible, but you want to add efficient storage.

Pull-out shelving

The pull-out and swivel shelving

How about two accessible shelves that pull out and then swivel to the side while back shelves simultaneously slide over into the cabinet opening. This shelving type gives you easy access to any size of pot, pan, appliance, or pantry item. 

The pull-out cloud shelf

This blind corner pull-out shelf resembles the half-moon but has a specific shape that allows it to bend back into those dead spaces. Both top and bottom shelves have front handles to glide the shelving out of the corner cabinet.

The full corner pantry

If you have the luxury of space and can install a full corner pantry, this pull-out shelving unit is for you. With plenty of baskets, shelves, and pull-out trays, you can store the smallest items alongside the largest and be able to find them all with ease. 

The pull-out caddy with sliders

The caddy attaches to the back of the cabinet door, and like the pull-out swivel shelf, it swivels off to the side so you can slide over two other storage shelves. You can store all of your smaller items in the caddy, while the sliding shelves offer a home for items used less often. 

Corner cabinet drawers

V-shaped drawers

The drawer front of this unique corner cabinet accessory looks just like a V, while the actual drawer is like any other in your kitchen—allowing you to make good use of the previously blind corner. 

The full-drawer corner

This option gives you a full set of drawers in otherwise unusable space. Because the corner in this kitchen sits at a 45-degree angle instead of a 90-degree angle, it makes convenient placement for storage and a built-in microwave or convection oven.

Other corner design ideas

The corner pantry

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Another option is to eliminate corner cabinets altogether and go with open shelving instead. This corner pantry version features open shelving for multiple storage options for both large and small items. 

The end of the line

This design option involves a cabinet run that ends in the corner. This version has drawers on one side with a full open cabinet on the perpendicular run. You gain full access to all the corner space on both sides, with drawers on one and a full open cabinet on the other. 

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Another end-of-he-line option is to install a coffee bar with drawers and open shelving opposite the last cabinet run. With this design, you create a nice coffee nook – if that’s your brew! – as well as more storage options for small appliances. 

Designing your kitchen to incorporate better storage and use of the corner cabinet can be tricky. Many homeowners have questions about corner cabinet storage. 

Here are a few frequently asked questions about corner cabinet design. 

How do you deal with kitchen corners? 

One popular option is to end your cabinet run with drawers and cabinets or an appliance on the parallel side. You can choose from many different types of pull-out accessories to make reaching into the blind corner a lot easier. 

How to maximize the space and functionality of corner kitchen cabinets? 

To maximize a corner kitchen cabinet, you want to be sure the options you choose don’t impede other drawers, cabinets, or appliances. A lazy susan or a cabinet pull-out will allow you full access to the corner space no matter the kitchen’s size.

Do lazy susans save space? 

Lazy susans make excellent use of hard-to-reach space in a corner cabinet. The turntable needs little clearance, and you can stack as much as the shelf will hold on each tier for easy access. Because nothing is hidden and you spin it out to see, you can have multiple rows of items and still access everything with ease. You are maximizing space and creating extra storage. 

You can shop for corner kitchen cabinet accessories where you buy RTA kitchen cabinets online. A professional kitchen designer can help you select and choose the best corner cabinet accessories that will work with your kitchen layout. Your designer will analyze your kitchen layout and help you select the best cabinets, hardware, storage accessories, flooring, and countertop to complete your home renovation project. You’ll then be ready to order your cabinets online and have them delivered within a week to begin your project. 

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