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The Perfect Kitchen Accessory-The Kitchen Island

Kitchen Islands, possibly the perfect kitchen accessory

You will be hard-pressed to find a newly constructed home without a kitchen island. Open concept living is the primary design for new homes and, as a result, creates the perfect space for an island.

Whether you use your kitchen island for homework, working from home, casual dining or entertaining, these multi-use kitchen accessories can give you all of the storage, seating, and functionality you need for kitchen efficiency and beauty.


G-style kitchen w/island


More storage with kitchen islands

It seems like a no-brainer, right? You add an island, and you have extra storage. Now, what will blow your mind are the possibilities for the space. Islands can have cabinets, drawers, cubbies, and shelves…or hidden appliances like wine refrigerators, extra dishwashers, coffee machines and accessories, and much more. When it comes to storage, you only need to imagine how you’d like it to function, and you can have an island that meets those needs.




The more, the merrier

Many people use their kitchen islands for extra seating or casual dining. This can be achieved in several ways. A waterfall countertop gives you a seating area and extra space to tuck the stools or chairs under the counter. You can have a bench that gives you multiple seating options along the entire island. Add your personality to the room by choosing the types of chairs, stools, fabric, or materials you’d like and make a design statement.




Added function for your kitchen

While not everyone likes the interruption of space in the middle of their kitchen, they can’t deny that an added island adds functionality. Kitchen islands can have multi-step countertops for prep, seating, dishwashing, or just a separation of tasks. With this tiered system, the whole family can be working on the island without interfering in each other’s space.

However, when you have a big project, whether it be dozens of cookies for a holiday or that large work or school assignment, an island gives you the space to spread out and not take up your kitchen table. On the other hand, you can comfortably dine at the island and not need a kitchen table. By adding countertop space, you immediately increase your kitchen’s functionality, and it can become the prep, gathering, dining, and entertaining area you want it to be.



Bold and beautiful kitchen islands

Kitchen islands can be designed to stand out and make a statement painted in bright colors. This style fits right in the the two-tone design trends with the cabinet and countertop. They can also blend in with the same colors and textures and be a nice addition to your kitchen cabinets. Everything and anything in between are also acceptable.

If your style is minimalist and you love the frameless cabinet look with smooth lines and texture. An island for you would need the same glossy feel with storage and seating neatly tucked away underneath the countertop. If you lean more toward the farmhouse style, you might consider an island with open shelving. This is for extra dishware storage or baskets for fresh fruit and veggies. Kitchen islands are great in both the traditional kitchen design and a transitional design. You can choose the cabinet and countertop that fits right in or contrast to the rest of the kitchen. The additional seating and storage is a bonus.

Some people would prefer the open space to navigate their kitchen easily; however, adding a kitchen island can be a lifesaver. You’ll have extra storage, seating, and function, giving you a landing spot for kids backpacks, your briefcase, or the groceries. Explore the Simply Kitchen kitchen island designs and speak with one of our certified cabinet designers today.


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