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DIY Your Kitchen Remodel–Yes or No?

There is a sense of pride that comes with a well done DIY remodeling project. You went through the work of planning, selecting your items, and doing the work. Now, it’s done, and your kitchen looks much better for it. Unfortunately, not everyone is handy.

How do you know if you should DIY your kitchen remodeling project?


cabinet express floor to ceiling measure

Does your DIY project involve changing the layout of your kitchen? If so, hit the pause button and reach out to a certified cabinet designer. You can find them at your trusted cabinet store. A certified cabinet designer will show you what you can change on your own and what you should leave for a licensed contractor. The main issue you might run into is installing cabinets in a different floor plan than your current cabinets. Moving plumbing and electrical outlets should be done by a licensed professional to follow code and provide you with safe and proper functioning utilities.

Replacing an existing fixture

Back to plumbing and electrical for a minute. If you want to change the faucet, sprayer handle, add garbage disposal or swap out an exhaust fan, you can, of course, DIY this project. Take all the safety precautions of turning off the main power and closing all the water valves.

Now, if any of those fixtures are brand new, like installing an exhaust fan that needs the proper venting out of your house, or you’ve never had a dishwasher and now want to install one…turn to the professionals for help. These projects may result in new electrical, cutting through walls or cabinets, and running new plumbing lines. Your kitchen remodel becomes a professional job and is no longer a DIY project at that point.

Installing new cabinets


Many homeowners have installed new cabinets very successfully and with beautiful results. To get the best results possible, knowing how to fix problems if they arise, and how to assemble or install cabinets with professional-grade materials.

A couple of issues homeowners run into when they DIY cabinets, lack of proper measuring, and using the wrong tools. If you order pre-assembled cabinets, some of this worry is removed as the cabinets are built with professional-grade materials. If you order ready-to-assemble cabinets, you’ll save money, but you’ll need to purchase the right materials.

When you measure your kitchen to order the correct number of cabinets, and in the right sizes, you need to be accurate. A 1/2 inch can make a difference in where your appliances should be installed and how the cabinets will work around the plumbing, electrical, and flooring. Working with a kitchen contractor who does this daily will save you time and money in the long run and ensure proper installation.

Installing new countertopsquartz and granite countertop

Along with cabinets, your countertops need to be measured accurately before ordering. Countertops are always cut to the specific measurements for each job. You may find a remnant in a home improvement store that is close, but this is one case where close is not enough. No one wants a gap between their seams, or the countertop and the wall. By working with a countertop installer, you can rest assured that your countertop is measured, ordered, and installed correctly.

There are plenty of kitchen remodeling projects that a homeowner could DIY. Swapping out the hardware on your cabinets, painting the room, finding the right window treatments, and installing them, updating your lighting or installing new vinyl can be straightforward DIY projects. Asking for help with a DIY remodeling project is a good idea any time you do not have the professional experience or access to the knowledge necessary to complete your project. Hiring professionals who do the job daily will save you time, money, and headaches while providing you with a beautiful new kitchen.

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