The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Organizers and Accessories
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The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Organizers and Accessories

When your kitchen remodel includes new kitchen cabinets, one goal is to maximize the available storage. But there’s more to the story than storage; you want your kitchen tools, dishware, and pantry items at hand when you need them and neatly stored when you don’t. Choosing the right kitchen cabinet accessories and organizers will help you create efficient work zones in your kitchen.

What are kitchen cabinet organizers and accessories?

When we talk about cabinet accessories, we don’t mean adding embellishments to the outside of your cabinet doors! The accessories we have in mind do look nice, of course, but their intent is more functional than aesthetic. These specially designed accessories and Rev-A-Shelf organizers keep your kitchen tools, small appliances, and other necessities readily accessible for you to use and easy to store away for a clean, uncluttered look in the kitchen.

4 types of popular kitchen cabinet organizers, accessories and special features.

1) Rev-A-Shelf in-cabinet pullout organizer

in cabinet pullout

These full shelving units fit inside your upper or base cabinets and come with various options. In-cabinet pullouts slide right out to allow you to easily see items stored in the dark depths of a base cabinet.

The original Rev-A-Shelf pullout simply modifies a regular drawer. In place of the drawer, for example, you can choose a:

  • pullout shelf
  • half-drawer organizer
  • wire pullout shelf
  • vertical spice or pantry shelf
  • pullout container for waste or recycling

Each one of these options adds convenience and function yet still sits nicely inside your cabinet. To further bolster your organizing efforts, you can also find kitchen cabinet accessories to store plastic containers and lids, pots and lids, or cleaning supplies and tools. There are also accessories designed to accommodate heavy appliances and slide-out wine and spice racks, to name a few more options.

Queen of the kitchen cabinet organizers

No discussion of cabinet accessories is complete without a nod to the Lazy Susan, ever-popular for eliminating what used to be the black hole in blind-corner cabinets. With the new half-moon pullouts, you can tuck away cookware and appliances but keep them easily accessible. Still, want your turntable but want to keep your items from sliding around? You no longer need to dread the corner cabinet with a single-tier or double-tier turntable with an edge to keep items organized and in place that can add storage and new life to your kitchen.

The most rewarding aspect of the latest wave of in-cabinet accessories is how the range of choice and functionality allows you to customize the pullouts for different areas of your kitchen. You can install a pullout for cookware next to the stove – say goodbye to that creaky, inconvenient lower drawer beneath the oven! Or you can add one specifically sized to corral small pantry items, right where you need it most.

2) In-between cabinet rollout accessories

This organizer style is actually a full base, upper or tall shelf installed as a rollout in what would otherwise be dead space – between cabinets and the range or at the end of a cabinet run. Rev-A-Shelf cabinet rollouts work in those small spaces with shelving units sized for 3”, 6”, and 9” widths to maximize every inch of available space. With the right kitchen cabinet accessories, these organizers can hold everything from spices to cooking utensils or even a knife block.

3) Built-in drawer organizers

drawer organizers

These built-ins tuck inside any drawer to serve as a fixed or adjustable organizer. They house everything from knives and flatware to cooking utensils, cutting boards, and spices. With the addition of a peg system for the drawer insert, you can keep dishware and cookware securely in place even as the drawers slide in and out.

4) Behind-the-door organizers

These handy additions allow you to take advantage of the wasted space behind your cabinet door. A behind-the-door accessory can hold spices, stemware, cleaners and tools, and much more.

This fabulous collection of state-of-the-art kitchen cabinet accessories comes from Rev-A-Shelf. For almost 40 years, the company has designed and produced over 500 storage accessories to maximize space and efficiency in the home.

Ready to organize your kitchen cabinets?

At Simply Kitchens, we offer a complete line of Rev-A-Shelf accessories for frameless and framed kitchen cabinets. When you visit a Simply Kitchens certified kitchen designer about your kitchen remodeling project, your designer can help you design an optimal kitchen layout, choose the right kitchen cabinet accessories – and stay within your budget. Contact one of our kitchen designers today and receive a FREE 3D kitchen design to guide your project planning process.

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