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Kitchen Cabinet Trends That Stand The Test Of Time

9 Kitchen Cabinet Trends That Stand The Test Of Time

With any trend, it’s wise to pause before jumping on the bandwagon. Especially with a substantial investment like new kitchen cabinets, a trendy choice might actually lower your home’s resale value a few years down the road. The kitchen is often the first room buyers consider when looking for their next home. If it feels outdated or needs a significant upgrade, buyers will factor in their own anticipated expense to do so when they make their offer – or pass altogether if the upgrade seems like too much work. 

If you have a kitchen remodel in your plans, you’ll want to understand design trends and look for styles that have held up well over time. 

Here are nine kitchen trends you can leave behind in favor of a timeless upgrade

#1 Don’t put a microwave above the stove.

This space-saving feature shows up in many kitchens built or remodeled over the past thirty years. Now this often clunky appliance has been relocated from a focal point above the range to less noticeable position elsewhere.

Do incorporate appliances under the counter or in a drawer section of a lower cabinet.

The hidden appliance movement is here to stay; many appliances that used to sit on a countertop or at eye-level appliances are now tucked out of sight. 

#2 Don’t place pot racks above the island or hang them on the wall. 

Hanging pot racks seem to be an excellent idea, offering the convenience of having everything visible and close at hand. Over time, however, this kitchen trend has fallen out of favor – likely because it led to extra cleaning or the need to scour each piece to a perfect shine because it was on display.

Do add deep drawers to your lower cabinets and consider a pullout lazy susan for a large corner hanging pot pulloutcabinet. 

With an open concept kitchen, homeowners are moving countertop items and eliminating clutter wherever they can. Deep drawers are popular for larger, heavier cookware and even dishware. Drawers can stay clean and organized thanks to various drawer accessories. The bottom line? Clean, functional spaces always appear on-trend. 

#3 Don’t use oversized hardware and stay away from the brushed metal, brass, or industrial look. 

Hardware styles come and go. Brass was popular at one time; more recently, brushed nickel took center stage. In general, it’s prudent to stay away from overly showy or industrial looks.

Do look for warm-colored hardware in gold, brass, and bronze in a shiny finish. warm metal pulls knobs handles

These metals give kitchens a more sophisticated, higher-end look. 

#4 Don’t put distressed or glazed cabinets in your kitchen. 

The country kitchen had its day, but that day has been over for some time. Homeowners today are choosing neutrals for a more modern and contemporary look. 

Do install kitchen cabinets in walnut wood tones, or choose a white, grey, blue or even black blue cabinetsfinish. 

Two-tone cabinets are likely to be popular for quite a while. So if you prefer white cabinets for the upper units and perhaps a dusty blue for the lower, go for it. With the right accents, this combination will be a staple in modern kitchens. 

#5 Don’t install a farmhouse sink just because you like it. 

The farmhouse sink became famous from the TV program “Fixer Upper,” with Joanna Gaines. While a farmhouse sink may suit any house in Texas, it is not necessarily a universal style that works for homes in the Midwest or the Eastern States. 

Do install a large sink with plenty of space for both washing and rinsing.

The kitchen sink has come along way; you can choose from among many different styles – from the top mount (what you’ll still find in most kitchens) or under-mount, and double or single basin. you’ll find a sink to match your kitchen and your cooking preferences. Stainless steel remains a reliable classic, and with other stainless appliances still in favor, it unlikely to go out of style. 

#6 Don’t install a roll-up corner cabinet door.

The “appliance garage,” a home for countertop appliances, has fallen out of favor. Some homeowners use the space to store bread, butter and other food items close at hand, at room temperature. A well-accessorized corner cabinet can be put to much better use. 

Do install a lazy susan in a full turntable or half-moon to make the best use of space inside a lazy susan turntablecorner cabinet. 

You’ll gain a beautiful, complementary cabinet door to replace the noisy (and often sticky) accordion door for the “appliance garage.”

#7 Don’t install a tiled countertop.

Both durable and cost-effective, the tile was popular for countertops in the ’70s, and 80’s. Today you can choose from many attractive countertops and avoid tile’s dated look – and the extra work required to keep grout looking clean. 

Do install a quartz, granite, or marble countertop.quartz and granite countertop

These three materials make up the new powerhouse of countertop choices. Quartz is cost-effective, durable, and doesn’t stain like laminate or tile. Granite gives you the next step up in quality and style. With its durability and heat resistance, it can take a hit and still look good. Marble sits at the pinnacle of the countertop style spectrum. Marble is durable, non-porous, and stain-resistant but can get cloudy with the wrong cleaner due to the calcium carbonate in the natural stone. 

#8 Don’t buy colored appliances. 

Turquoise, avocado, and goldenrod appliances have long seen their day. Gaining a pop of color from an appliance doesn’t work well with ongoing style trends. Today’s homeowners make a color statement in the kitchen with their countertop and cabinet selections. 

Do go with a neutral or hidden appliance. hidden appliance panel

White and stainless steel appliances will always be good options. They work well with most cabinet colors and weather passing trends. In higher-end kitchens, homeowners can conceal appliances altogether with appliance panels that match the cabinetry. You can’t go wrong with the beautiful look of cabinet panels. 

#9 Don’t keep everything on the countertop.

Minimalism has come into vogue, and with the movement toward a clutter-free and sustainable lifestyle, it’s unlikely to go away. This means kitchens with a clean and open look, where appliances get tucked away in a dedicated spot rather than remain on the counter when not in use. 

Do think of storage and function.

In Cabinet Pullout

Take every advantage of today’s deeper drawers, accessories, and various pullouts when you plan your cabinets. These features add functionality and help you keep your kitchen clean and organized. Popular options include pantry shelves, spice shelves, and storage container organizers, as well as pullouts for trash and recycling bins. Function is the name of the game with kitchen cabinets, and it will never go out of style. 

If you want your kitchen to sail beautifully into the future rather than remain stuck in the past, visit with your kitchen designer to learn more about timeless cabinet styles and colors. A professional designer can help you avoid passing trends guide you to options that work well in your kitchen now and well into the future.

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