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10 Kitchen Trends You’ll Want to Explore in 2022

There has been a significant shift in the way we live in – and use – our homes over the past two years. One huge change has been how we use the kitchen. The kitchen used to be where we cooked and ate meals; now, it can be an office, a classroom, a family room, and entertainment. This shift has introduced welcome design changes to create more personalized spaces for our lifestyle today.

Here are 10 kitchen trends for 2022 that you’ll want to explore i your home.

1) Family-focused Kitchen

Much of our life at home revolves around the kitchen. Today’s functional and flexible kitchen needs space for food prep and storage and good lighting for cooking and working areas. As you consider a kitchen remodel in 2022, you’ll want to focus on the design layout and how it can support your family’s activities and interactions.

Family Kitchen

2) Marble Countertops

Countertops have taken a beating as so many family members spend hours at a time in the kitchen. Many homeowners choose lively patterns, bold colors, and a waterfall edge for new countertops to update their look and style and create a statement for years to come. Marble is one of the most beautiful and durable countertop surfaces on the market.

Marble Countertop

3) Appliance Panels

Appliance panel fronts that match a cabinet’s finish have become a more available option in 2022 as homeowners plan to remodel their kitchens. Now, homeowners accepted their appliances’ exterior finish and look and just did their best to match it to their new kitchen cabinets. Integrating your appliances into your cabinetry gives the kitchen a seamless, clean, and modern look.

Appliance Panels

4) Bold Colors

Cabinet purchase data from the past five years has white Shaker cabinets at the top of the list. Grey cabinets and two-toned combinations have gained popularity during that time. Today, bold colors show up with greater frequency – homeowners are going bold with cabinet color choices that include dark grey, black, white, navy, and even green for a fancy kitchen.

Bold Colors of Kitchen

5) Two-Toned

Two-toned cabinets have not fallen out of favor. The mix of white and bold colors like dark grey, black, and blue has given many monochrome kitchens a welcome facelift. The light colors keep the room looking bright and clean, while the dark color choices provide the comfort and coziness for a welcoming kitchen in 2022.

Two Toned Kitchens

6) Frameless Cabinetry

The smooth and sleek style of frameless cabinetry is alive and well in 2022. A smooth surface and handleless cabinets provide a neutral or bold background in the modern kitchen. Frameless cabinets can be a focal point and statement piece or create a neutral background to blend the kitchen to the decor in the rest of the home.

Frameless Cabinetry

7) Wood-grain Finishes

Homeowners continue to bring the outdoors inside and add a host of natural elements to their homes. Beautiful natural wood finishes are used in cabinets, countertops, barstools, flooring, and decor. Warm wood tones are cozy and inviting, making them the perfect choice for any size kitchen.

Wood Cabinets

8) Hidden Lighting

Kitchen lighting evolves from area-focused and accent lighting to under-counter and recessed LEDs. This mix of intensity and hidden lighting allows you to illuminate task areas and light the room without having the lighting become a focal point.

Hidden Lighting

9) Range Hoods

With more people staying home to cook, the range hood has been getting a workout. Homeowners are updating this often-overlooked kitchen appliance into a functional and beautiful statement. Range hoods can match the color and style of your kitchen cabinets or add drama with an eye-catching style all their own.

range hoods

10) Living Room Extensions

The open-concept kitchen has evolved into a complete melding of the kitchen and living room in many homes. Homeowners are choosing cabinet styles to complement the overall personality of the home. With kitchen islands and extended countertops, homeowners can entertain family and friends while remaining at the heart of the festivities.

Living Room Extensions

FAQs about kitchen trends for 2022

What are the 2022 kitchen trends?

Family-focused kitchens, marble countertops, bold colors, wood grains, appliance panels, two-toned cabinets, frameless cabinetry, hidden lighting, range hoods, and kitchen-into-living room extensions are the big kitchen trends for 2022. These trends give homeowners and designers plenty of inspiration and creative license to design the perfect kitchen.

How do I make my kitchen trendy?

Consider a range of latest kitchen designs for cabinetry, lighting, countertop, and decor to give your kitchen new life. Incorporate today’s popular looks into your kitchen remodel, and your new kitchen will effectively update your entire home.

What kitchen cabinets are trending?

RTA (ready-to-assemble) kitchen cabinets are the top trend for 2022. They are beautiful, durable, inexpensive, and available in various styles and colors. At up to 40% off big-box retail pricing, Simply Kitchens RTA cabinets can provide a budget-friendly update for any kitchen.

Where can I get trendy kitchen cabinets?

Simply Kitchens stays on top of the latest in kitchen cabinet trends and offers a broad assortment the best kitchen designs. You can choose from various color and style options and purchase either RTA or preassembled cabinets.

Update your kitchen with the latest trends

Talk to our professional kitchen designers today to plan the kitchen of your dreams. They are up-to-date on the latest styles and trends for your kitchen in 2022 and can help you understand what is here to stay and what is on the way out in kitchen design.

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