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How To Maximize Storage In Your Kitchen Cabinets

Maximize Storage in Your Kitchen Cabinets

No matter the size of your kitchen, it can often feel like there’s not quite enough storage space. Countertops get cluttered with everything from appliances – like the toaster or coffee grinder – plus cooking utensils and knives … to mail, paperwork and decorative accessories. It can be easy to look around your kitchen and assess that your current cabinet situation is not up to the task of keeping things organized. You might be right. 

But lets consider how to maximize storage in your current kitchen cabinets – before you dive into a complete renovation project.

Upon a closer look, there could be useful cabinet space hiding in plain sight: inside cabinets, on top, below or even behind a door where the right storage accessory can help bring order to your kitchen. 

Storage inside cabinets

GLD-W22-BC-7 - 22"D Base Cabinet Pullout Glideware w/ Blum Soft-Close (7 Hooks)

Most opportunities for chaos happen here, especially in the deep recesses of corner cabinets…ugh. The situation doesn’t have to be hopeless, however. Take a look at the standard permanent shelves now in place. If they are adjustable, you might install another shelf and gain some storage space. Other space-saving tweaks include:

  • Pull-out shelves that will stack nicely on top of permanent ones. 
  • Tupperware pull-outs keep your lids and containers organized, a feat in itself. 
  • Rollouts for base cabinets to hold more substantial items. These units often have their own organizational spaces as well.
  • Drawer organizers for silverware, utensils, or your catch-all drawer. You know you have one.
  • Built in knife blocks
  • Drawer organizer for dishware and pots.
  • Corner cabinets with an added turntable or half-moon shelf to use every last inch of space.
  • Pull-out spice racks, pantry shelves and utensil holders with an organizational shelf stacked underneath.
  • Pull-out tray dividers for serving platters and baking pans. 
  • Pull-out hanging rack for pots, pans and lids. 

On top of cabinets

5PD-24CRN - 24" Wall Cabinet Pull-Down Shelving System

While the space on top of upper cabinets may be hard to reach, it’s a shame to forgo that extra storage space. When installing new cabinets, take them right up to the ceiling where possible to give yourself more options for storage.

Upper cabinets can be fitted with pull-outs – entire shelves that swing down and retract back up slowly and safely. If you can reach the bottom shelf handle you will be able to move the entire shelf. 

While a step stool comes in handy to reach items stored up high, it’s also another thing to store. As an alternative, what about installing a library ladder for your kitchen? Placed between the space from your higher upper cabinets and the central upper cabinets, a library ladder gives you access to storage space you might not have considered.

If adding another set of cabinets on top of your upper row doesn’t appeal, and you don’t want to install taller upper cabinets, consider placing a shelf above your upper set of cabinets. This gives you display space and allows you to move less-used items off the countertop. 

Below the cabinets

448UT-BCSC-5C - Base Cabinet Pullout Utensil Base Organizer w/ Blum Soft-Close

The space just beneath your upper cabinets can be fitted with a small drawer to organize utensils, pens pencils or other small items. Another idea – install stemware hangers for wine glasses, and mug hooks for mugs to free up space inside the upper cabinets.

If you are looking at new cabinets, be sure to ask about kick-out drawers under the base cabinets, in place of standard toe kicks. Your flat baking pans, table linens like placemats, table clothes and special holiday cloth napkins could be stored here. Along with a fold up stool or collapsible picnic tote.

Behind the cabinet door

4SR-15 - Wall 15" Door Mount Spice Rack

The back of the cabinet door may well be useable space. Because of the all-plywood construction of high-quality cabinets, the door is just as sturdy as the base cabinet and can bear a surprising amount of weight, which opens up additional storage options:

  • Placed behind a cabinet door, a spice rack in this location leaves much-needed cabinet shelf space available for other items.
  • Door-mounted stemware racks allow you to store glassware behind the door rather than inside your cabinets.
  • Behind the door, pan holders can organize your cookware and lids for easy access, and help you avoid jamming them into lower cabinets.
  • Cleaning supply racks work well behind a cabinet door below the sink.

When it comes to maximizing space in your kitchen cabinets, there are many functional storage accessories you can add that do not require a full remodel. If you plan to remodel and taller upper cabinets seem like a viable concept for your kitchen, be sure to consult with a designer to ensure a style to match your kitchen. A designer can also help you understand options – like glass door fronts or open shelving – so you make the best choice for your storage needs. Visit our design page to make your appointment today. 

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