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How To Survive A Kitchen Remodeling Project

How to survive a kitchen remodeling project

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, you want to set aside some time to think about how you will function without a fully functioning kitchen.

Thats right; you will now need to figure out:

  • Where and how are you going to cook?
  • Where and how are you going to wash dishes?
  • Where and how are you going to prep food?
  • What about the refrigerator?

Don’t worry; you won’t have to survive on takeout for weeks on end. We will go through a few practical and fun (think camping), ideas that will allow you to survive your kitchen remodeling project.

Where and how to cook?

Again, this kind of seems like a no-brainer as most people have a grill outside, but not even grilling aficionados want to grill every meal, every day. So what can you do instead? If you have an extra bedroom, space in your living room, or a dining room area you can set aside for a few small kitchen appliances, you’ll be set.


For example, a microwave doesn’t get too hot when it cooks. It can either be set on a cart, the dining room table, or even a crate as long as it is close to an electric outlet—the same with an electric frying pan, instant pot, slow cooker, or hotplate. With a safe hot pad or trivet under it, you can cook anywhere there is electricity.

Where and how are you going to wash dishes?

You don’t want to be kneeling over your bathroom tub to wash your dishes, remember you are not going to have a dishwasher. Here is a couple of fun, camping inspired tips for setting up a dishwashing station.

One option is to purchase a camping table made for dishwashing, most commonly used to clean fish. This is a plastic camp table that has a sink and faucet. The faucet attaches to a standard garden hose. Another option is a little more rustic but allows you to wash dishes right at your kitchen table with the use of bins. Buy three sink-sized plastic containers and fill two with water, one with soap for washing and the other for rinsing. Your third container will be your dish holder until you can dry the dishes.

Where and how are you going to prep food?

With a camping table, you now have an area with running water and a countertop to prep food, if you want to stand outside. You could set this table up inside but not have it attached to a water source. You could also prep at your dining room table with a few extras at hand for cleaning up and protecting the tabletop. Be sure to use a cutting board and have your trash nearby to clean up right away. After all, you are going to be eating at your table as well.

What about the refrigerator?

Your refrigerator can’t be plugged into any outlet. It does need a higher voltage outlet for safety. Consider purchasing a mini-fridge or dorm fridge to get you through the worst of the construction. Your contractor may help you install the refrigerator in a different room if you ask. But this might be a time where, if you can live out of items in a cooler or not worry about keeping leftovers for another day, you’ll be better off in the long run.

You may want to plan and set up an entire mini-kitchen in a section of your dining room and invest in some tv trays to eat in another area of your house or on the patio. Planning is the key to surviving your kitchen remodel, be sure to add that to your design before demolition begins and don’t be afraid of a little indoor camping. Check out our photo gallery for your kitchen remodeling inspiration. 

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