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Holidays Are Coming Time To Declutter The Kitchen

Declutter the kitchen in less than 30 minutes

Have you forgotten what your countertops and cabinets used to look like when they weren’t crammed full of kitchen items? Are you dreading the day when you need to declutter the kitchen…for real this time? Stop the negative self-talk.

Timed decluttering

In timed decluttering, you are focusing on getting rid of as much unnecessary stuff setting in your kitchen in a set block of time. You are not emptying everything from the cupboards; you are not contemplating who in the family is getting the priceless heirloom and are not re-organizing. Your focus is on a Marie Kondo method of picking up an item and making the decision to keep it, donate it, or throw it out.

When doing this, you want to be sure to answer a few easy questions as not to throw out or give away something you honestly use and needs a better home than on your countertop.

448UT-BCSC-5C - Base Cabinet Pullout Utensil Base Organizer w/ Blum Soft-Close
  • Do I use this? —This one should be easy. If you have not used it in the last six months and it is not a seasonal item, it can go in the giveaway or trash pile.
  • Does it make my life easier? —So the item is now on the giveaway or trash pile, and you are unsure whether you want to part ways. Think about whether or not it makes your life easier, if yes, find it a home if no…bye bye complication.
  • Is this an extra item? —We all have these little items. We grab two of thinking it will be a gift or handy give away…but we never gave it away. If you use it, go back to question one. If it is extra and has no home, give it away or throw it out.
  • Would I buy this today? —If this is an item, you occasionally use but not daily or even monthly and consider moving it out of your house. Consider if you would buy a new one if the need arose. If the answer is a stark “No,” then in the giveaway or trash pile it goes. If, however, it is a “Yes,” and you will use it when you re-organize, be sure to give it a home.

Timed decluttering does not need to be difficult or complicated. By first clearing away and apparent trash like old mail, magazines, or newspapers, you’ll be surprised at the few items you have left. Unless you have children…but that is a topic for a different article.

Box up the giveaway items for the thrift store and bag up the things that need to be thrown in the trash. Go ahead and take the time to do it right then while you are motivated to do so. You’ll thank yourself later.

What’s next after you declutter the kitchen?

Now, if you have time, you can consider re-organizing your kitchen. This may take some extra time as you might need to think about organizational accessories you need to purchase to give your kitchen a tidy and put-together feel.

4FSCO-18SC-1 - Food Storage Container Organizer

Luckily, there are all types of organizers on the market, including ones sold by the cabinet manufacturers who built your kitchen cabinets; after all, they are the experts. Take a look at their website. You’ll discover a wide range of organizational products like in-cabinet pullouts for hanging pots and lids, or built-in drawer organizers that fit perfectly into your drawers to maximize space. You can even find handy tray and pan organizers that store them vertically either in the cabinet or on the back of the inside of the cabinet door.

Once you decide what you need, take a look at your cabinet manufacturer’s website to see what’s available. You could also contact the in-house designer to decide on the best organizational products for your kitchen.

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