Where To Buy Kitchen Cabinets Near Me?
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Where to Buy Kitchen Cabinets Near Me?

If you’re wondering, Where to buy kitchen cabinets near me? or, Are there any kitchen cabinet stores near me? — rest easy. Almost a decade ago, U.S. kitchen cabinets were a $9 billion industry, with seven major players and nine thousand smaller companies. Those smaller companies generated up to $15 million in income per year. Globally, kitchen cabinets are projected to be a $12.1 billion industry by 2024.

In addition to specialty manufacturers, many of the big box retailers offer a range of kitchen cabinet options. If you can’t find a cabinet company near me in search, a big box store is a good place to start your kitchen renovation journey. Seeing cabinets up close and personal in designed but non-operational kitchens will help you choose the right look, feel, and kitchen cabinets style. They’ll also help you assess things like whether the drawers slide easily and top cupboards close gently but effectively.

You may want to start your kitchen renovation project with an online search. If so, check out simplykitchens.com. But no amount of online looking lets you assess the look and feel of kitchen cabinets. In-person viewing is recommended due to the significant investment and the dominant design feature of your kitchen, 

Once you’ve settled on the style of cabinets, the National Kitchen & Bath Association can help you find cabinet shops near me and potentially even discount cabinet shops. 

Choose the best dealer that is offering the range of products in-store.

Once you’ve settled on the kind of discount kitchen cabinets near me, it’s time to start the search for the best dealer. While you can order cabinets through big box stores, you won’t be able to take advantage of any discount pricing available from the cabinet manufacturers, and your order will take several weeks to arrive. Due to limited space, they won’t have any single cabinet manufacturer’s entire range of products available for viewing in store. 

Choosing the best dealer with not just a sampling but its entire range of products available in-store will save you time and frustration. 

An in-store visit can help you decide on the layout, style, and color you prefer.

  • When it comes to the kitchen layout, keeping within your current footprint is vital unless you have a large budget. By staying within the footprint, you can improve the flow and efficiency by adding accessories or switching the cabinet function from drawers to shelves and vice versa. Some of the storage and functional accessories you can add or move around are drawers, shelves, pullouts, lazy susans, and updated cabinet hardware for easy-open doors and drawers.
  • Shaker-style cabinets are still far away from the most popular kitchen cabinet style with their recessed panel doors. But you can choose flat or raised panel styles too, and you may also want to accent some of your cabinets with glass fronts to display some of your nicest pieces, whether it’s a collection of bone china teacups, vintage glass, or Fiestaware. If you like a more traditional style, the Cambridge and Yorkshire cabinets have additional overlays and beveling to add character to the cabinet doors and drawers. 
  • Cabinet color plays a significant role in whether or not you love your kitchen. Traditional style cabinets are often stained wood in light or dark shades. Modern style cabinets can come in any color as the smooth and sleek melamine finish can come in white, grey, black, and most colors in between. White or grey cabinets are great neutrals for a contemporary and transitional style kitchen. 

Search for dealer online near me then visit their store.

Once you’ve selected your kitchen cabinet style and manufacturer, start searching for a dealer online, like Simply Kitchens. 

  • Browse the catalog and decide on any must-have features such as a kitchen island or conversion to a highly efficient galley kitchen with all the pullouts you’ll need to make a smaller kitchen work. 
  • Then visit the store to fine-tune your order.
  • Take advantage of their free design expertise and suggestions. They can advise you of current kitchen trends and the bonus features homeowners want. 

L-shaped kitchens with islands, lighter-colored quartz countertops, and modifications that reflect our 21st Century lifestyles, such as built-in device charging stations, are trends for 2021. This, of course, means that if you hope to increase your home’s resale value with a kitchen remodel, you’re going to want to incorporate some of the features home buyers desire. 

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Find cabinets near you today.

At Simply Kitchens, we not only provide a showroom for viewing new cabinets in Atlanta, but we also have an online gallery with our most popular cabinet lines and colors. You can browse the gallery for our Atlanta cabinet company at your leisure. As a cabinet company in Atlanta, we provide free 3D designs after you visit with our expert cabinet designers to start designing and selecting the kitchen cabinets to complete your perfect kitchen.

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