Revive Your Kitchen With These 10 Fresh Color Schemes
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Revive Your Kitchen With These 10 Fresh Color Schemes

Homeowners love to express personality throughout their homes with color and decor. The kitchen is no exception. When you choose a new, personalized color scheme for your updated kitchen layout and design, you can create the perfect space for cooking and entertaining. And, of course, your kitchen renovation should add value to your home when it’s time to sell. 

Choosing the right kitchen color scheme

Kitchen colors can be bright, neutral, bold, or some combination that uses some of each. 2021 trends lean toward natural colors, like browns, whites, grays, and other earth tones. You can add personal flair and pizzazz with colorful decor, paint, or an eye-catching countertop and floor. Here are ten kitchen cabinet color schemes to help you choose the right colors for your new kitchen.

Kitchen color schemes with white cabinets

White kitchen cabinets have been a classy, neutral choice for years. White cabinets create a clean, simple, bright look in the kitchen. White cabinet surfaces bounce and reflect light to brighten even the smallest kitchen and add an expansive feel. You can add a range of different colors to complement white kitchen cabinets, depending on the look and style you’re trying to achieve. 

White – gray – rose – brown

This kitchen’s bright white kitchen cabinets are complemented with a quartz countertop that features a white base and brown marbling. The backsplash tile brings in a pleasing mix of dusty rose, light gray, and brown. The dark wood floor provides a nice contrast to the cabinets – altogether, a comfortable, natural style. 

White - gray - rose - brown kitchen cabinet

White – gray – blonde wood – turquoise

This bright white kitchen combines white Shaker cabinets with a solid white quartz countertop. Color comes in with a gray herringbone tile backsplash, blonde wood flooring, and turquoise decor. A white kitchen like this could be accented with any color from bright turquoise to dusty rose, yellow, green, purple, and pink. While it has a cool color palette, this kitchen radiates comfort. 

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White – sage – gray – dark brown

This contemporary white kitchen evokes a natural vibe with its combination of bright neutrals: white cabinets, gray hexagonal tile backsplash, sage green walls, and dark wood flooring. This is a great contemporary, natural kitchen style.

White – light gray- dark gray – blonde wood

White kitchen cabinets don’t need to fade into the background. These white cabinets create the perfect balance between dark gray subway tile, dark gray walls, and blonde hardwood flooring. The contrast gives this kitchen enough comforting color to avoid the stark feeling you can get from bright white cabinets.

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Bold kitchen color scheme

If you’re a bold personality who likes big color in every room, a strong, dramatic kitchen color scheme may be just the answer. Any of today’s bold cabinet colors make a great starting point. Be careful not to be a slave to current trends; they will change, and you don’t want your kitchen cabinets to look outdated just a few years after an extensive remodel. You won’t go wrong with a bold but still neutral, gray for your kitchen cabinets.

Charcoal gray – white – slate – red

A masterpiece of gray, this kitchen adds pops of color to its dramatic backdrop—gray kitchen cabinets, dark gray wood flooring, and a slate gray countertop anchor the room. The bright white kitchen island becomes an oasis in the sea of gray and red counter stools, and pendant lights nod to contemporary style. 

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Charcoal gray – blue-gray – white – yellow

These gray kitchen cabinets blend into the background of the room. Complemented by blue-gray walls, the cabinets become a natural neutral. A solid white quartz countertop adds a surprising burst of color. The bold patterned flooring adds visual interest, and the mix of gray, blue, yellow, and white in the tile pulls together the color scheme for the entire room. 

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Dusk gray – mauve – white – wood flooring

The bold kitchen color scheme starts with mauve walls. These dusk gray cabinets are the perfect neutral in this contemporary kitchen. Accents come in the form of the white and dark gray quartz countertop, white and light gray tile backsplash, and the warm but neutral herringbone-patterned wood flooring. 

Dusk gray – dark wood floor – white – black

These dusk gray kitchen cabinets add light to this very bold kitchen. The dusk gray contrasts nicely with dark brown wood flooring and exposed beams— a mix of bold, rustic, and contemporary styles. The countertop is a white, black, gray patterned quartz.

Kitchen cabinet countertop color combinations

The color scheme in your kitchen doesn’t need to rely solely on decor and accent lighting. Change up the look with a new cabinet – countertop color combination. 

Charcoal gray – black and white granite

This beautiful charcoal gray kitchen could overpower without the playful black and white granite countertop. This combination puts the gray cabinets in the background and makes the countertop the focal point. 

Cherry – gray – white – black

This traditional cherry wood kitchen is accented by a gray granite countertop and gray walls. The bright white ceiling adds height and light to the room to keep it from feeling dark and overpowering. 

Revive your kitchen color scheme today

When you work with Simply Kitchens, you can consult directly with our expert designers to define the perfect colors for your kitchen. Choose from bright white kitchen cabinets, bold gray kitchen cabinets, and more. After finding your dream look, you can buy your cabinets online.

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