10 Design Ideas for the Perfect Greige Kitchen Cabinets
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10 Design Ideas for the Perfect Greige Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling your dated kitchen with new cabinets is a great way to transform your kitchen look completely. There are wonderful design ideas out there to introduce new colors and styles into your home with beautiful and functional new cabinetry. 

As you plan your new kitchen design, decisions about color come along early in the process. Many RTA kitchen cabinet manufacturers offer cabinets in various versions of white, grey, black, and many different wood stains –the possibilities are endless! One on-trend option is to mix the popular grey with beige to arrive at “greige” kitchen cabinets. 

Because beige is a warm, neutral color that’s easy on the eyes, it complements contemporary home decor. Grey is also neutral but depending on whether it has cool or warm undertones, it can give your room a bright or dramatic look. Marrying beige with grey brings depth to beige while maintaining the color flexibility you gain with grey. 

What does the greige color look like?

Beige + Grey = Greige. It is a little beige with a little bit grey. This neutral result is cooler than taupe but warmer than a plain grey. The mix of the two brings subtle elegance and contrast to white kitchen cabinets or adds a bright and airy feel to an all-oak kitchen. This mix of freshness and coziness is what makes greige cabinets popular today.

Are greige kitchen cabinets still in style?

Many homeowners choose greige cabinets because they complement brass, marble, warm wood, white quartz, white walls, and white cabinets. There are many versions of greige cabinets that will blend perfectly in your kitchen. 

What wall color goes with greige cabinets?

Greige cabinets can provide an attractive contrast color to walls painted in white, antique white, blue, green, and grey-blue shades. The design trick is to choose a greige that has a stronger grey or beige base. A greige with a stronger gray influence works as a cool neutral. Or choose a stronger beige influence to arrive at a warm neutral. The versatility of greige cabinets makes them an easy backdrop for most wall paint, furnishings, and decor. 

Do grey and greige go together?

Grey and greige go together exquisitely. However, when pairing a grey wall color with greige kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to watch the undertones in the grey; many homeowners find it challenging to design an all-grey kitchen

Matching greige cabinets with a warmer grey for the walls can work well if the greige has more brown undertones. Grey paint colors with cool undertones work well with greige cabinets that feature a more dominant grey influence. 

Here are 10 greige kitchen cabinet ideas sure to please

1) Greige adds warmth to stark white

In this kitchen, greige Shaker cabinets add warmth and contrast to bright white countertops, upper cabinets, and appliances. The warmth of this shade of greige blends beautifully with the gold hardware, rug, and shelves. 

Greige adds warmth to stark white

(Source: https://www.houzz.com/photos/hannaville-park-contemporary-kitchen-dublin-phvw-vp~4149938)

2) Greige cabinets with a grey influence

These are not your typical cold grey cabinets; no, they are greige. The greige color is paired with contemporary stainless steel appliances, lighting, and black chairs. The contrasting backsplash brings in more beige and grey elements to complement the greige cabinets. 

Greige cabinets with a grey influence

  (Source: https://www.decorpad.com/photo.htm?photoId=121984)

3) Beige and grey kitchen

With just a touch more beige, this beautiful mix of greige Shaker kitchen cabinets is paired with oiled brass hardware and contrasting grey, white and black marble. It’s a stunning mix of warm and cool colors in this beige and grey kitchen. 

Beige and grey kitchen

(Source: https://allsortsof.com/current-crush-greige-cabinetry/)

4) Greige with antique white and a black Island

This open kitchen presents an attractive mix of warm colors and industrial features. The creamy white lower cabinets look great against the upper cabinets in greige. The wood beams and wood floor complement both colors, while the contrasting black kitchen island and industrial lighting keep the room contemporary. 

Greige with antique white and a black Island

(Source: https://juniperhome.com)

5) A taupe-greige for a cozy kitchen 

This greige expresses more beige to create a perfect pairing for the wood flooring and nickel hardware.

(source: https://cocoandjack.com/)

6) Farmhouse kitchen in greige and white

This beautiful two-tone cabinet design features greige lower cabinets with white uppers to capture the essence of a farmhouse kitchen. The contrasting neutrals both look great with brass hardware and exposed wood. 

Farmhouse kitchen in greige and white

(Source: https://chrissymarieblog.com/greige-kitchen-cabients)

7) Cool greige elegance with contrasting warmth

This elegant greige kitchen features all-greige cabinetry paired with cool black granite on one countertop. The marble backsplash adds a contrast to the greige cabinets. The greige island is paired with a wood countertop, and the whole kitchen has a grey tile floor. With so much visual variety, the blue-green hutch almost blends into the background. This kitchen design showcases greige as a versatile neutral.

(Source: https://www.houzz.com/photos/provencal-by-woodale-traditional-kitchen-dublin-phvw-vp~59107925)

8) Traditional-to-transitional greige kitchen 

This u-shaped kitchen is gorgeous in greige. Nickel hardware and grey marble countertops complement the dominant grey influence to create a transitional kitchen look. The contrasting wood brings in a traditional element, showing greige is not just neutral in color but has personality.

(Source https://www.houzz.com/photos/classic-traditional-kitchen-traditional-kitchen-philadelphia-phvw-vp~102812523)

9) Blending white with greige

These greige cabinets make a mix that’s both classic and neutral when paired with white walls. To which a homeowner can add any decor. The dark wood floor contrasts nicely with both the greige cabinets and white walls, without dominating the room, for a beautifully balanced kitchen.

(Source: https://allsortsof.com/current-crush-greige-cabinetry/)

10) Modern greige

A stylish modern kitchen can be both bold and neutral with greige cabinets. This version of greige provides the perfect contrast to the stark white walls and wood floor. The room’s accents have modern, clean lines and appealing warmth. 

Modern greige

Are you ready to design the perfect greige kitchen? 

Greige cabinets can be elegant, traditional, modern, and contemporary. Cabinets with a grey influence can be dramatic and bold or refreshing and airy. Visit with our expert kitchen designers today to start creating your new kitchen. You can easily set an appointment to meet in person or online by clicking here.  

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