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Tips to Optimize a U-Shaped Kitchen

Maximize Storage and Workspace in Your U-Shaped Kitchen

Dealing with kitchen layouts is kind-of our thing. As a result, we’ve seen some great ways to improve storage and plan work areas according to food preparation, cooking, and working-dining or entertaining in a U-Shaped kitchen.

You can use these tips for any style of kitchen, but U-Shaped kitchens have a unique feature in that you always have an efficient working triangle between your sink, stove, and refrigerator. It’s just automatically built into the design.

Segmenting workflow in a U-Shaped Kitchen

While the kitchen layout is perfect for the work-triangle, you can easily segment the U’s countertop or specific legs to handle specific tasks.

You can flip these elements in your U-Shape kitchen, so think about the legs from your perspective; in this example, we will have the sink in the center or back leg. That back leg, because it houses the sink, can be devoted entirely to clean up. With plenty of counter space on both sides of the sink, you have a dirty and clean side for dishes.

The same is true for your range. With counter space on each side, even if one only fits a cutting board and spice rack, it is ideal for meal prep on the other side cooking in the middle.

The third wall is the placement for a pantry and refrigerator, providing ample food storage.

Now that we’ve handled the layout and how to improve the function, let’s consider the storage options for each.

Storage for each segment of your work triangle

486-30VSBSC-BM-1 - Vanity Cabinet U-Shaped Pullout Organizer w/ Blum Soft-CloseStorage for the cleaning side of your U-shaped kitchen can seem confusing; after all, you have the sink, below the sink, and a possible cabinet on each side, or a corner cabinet for the base.

There are some organizational accessories you can add.

For example, two pullout in-cabinet organizers for all the supplies under the sink, or two behind the door supply and towel organizers and a pullout or two, giving you all the storage space you need under a sink. You could also get a sink tray pulldown that utilizes the dead space directly under your sink and has typically a drawer front or flat panel there as decoration. That draw can become a flip-down organizer for cleaning tools.

Those corner cabinets can become multi-tiered lazy Susans with storage room available for a pantry if the corner is shared with the prep and cooking side or storage for dishware and storage containers if the corner is between a sink and dishwasher.4WLS882-32-570 - 32"Wide Half Moon Lazy Susan

You can maximize your pantry space with a tall pantry that has to pull out or multiple swing-in shelving along the refrigerator wall. You can also have open shelving with labeled pantry containers or baskets for easy identification and use.

Your U-Shaped kitchen doesn’t need to feel cramped or unorganized. By adding these few small shelving and accessories, you can maximize your workspace and storage. Visit our photo-gallery today for inspiration for your U-Shaped Kitchen.

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