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  • Stainless Steel Lid Organizer for Peg Board Drawer Insert

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Maximize storage and organization in any cabinet
Cabinet accessories have come along way since the original lazy susan. While the lazy susan game has elevated, so have the other rev-a-shelf cabinet modifications to allow you to maximize storage and organization in your kitchen, bath, laundry, or garage cabinets.

Rev-a-shelf cabinet accessories have created lines of pullouts, roll-outs, lazy susans, drawer organizers, door hangers, and much more.
Rev-a-shelf cabinet pullouts
With in-cabinet pullouts, you can see items stored in your dark, base cabinet and slide it easily into the light. Choose from a pullout shelf, a half drawer organizer, wire pullout shelves, vertical spice or pantry shelves, and waste container pullouts all nicely housed inside your cabinets.

With rev-a-shelf cabinet pullouts, you can use those small spaced in-between cabinets as well. With shelving units in 3”, 6”, and 9”, you can maximize every inch of cabinet space available in your home. These pullouts can be used for the upper, base, or tall cabinets.
Rev-a-shelf accessories
Rev-a-shelf cabinet accessories have taken the lazy susan and given it new life. You can get a single-tier or double-tier turntable with an edge to keep items organized and in place. The half-moon lazy susan slides beautifully past those corners to rest in the deep part of the cabinet yet be completely accessible.

With some of the more customized rev-a-shelf organizers, you can add a heavy-duty mixer lift or behind the door organizers. Behind the door, organizers house everything from spices, stemware and glassware, pan and tray organizers, cleaning, and towels holders for the sink cabinet doors.

Don’t forget the original pullout, the cabinet drawer. Drawers have been given a facelift with rev-a-shelf in drawer organizers for flatware, knives, soap, and cleaning tools. You can also consider a peg drawer system to house your dishware insider your drawers instead of in the cabinet. Peg systems hold the plates, pots, and pans in place and have soft-close glides to ensure the safety and organization of your breakables.

Get your kitchen cabinets and drawers in tip-top order and maximize your storage with rev-a-shelf organizers.