What type of cabinet door is perfect for your kitchen?
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What type of cabinet door is perfect for your kitchen?

The cabinet doors you select for your new kitchen will define its style and personality. Today, with the popularity of the open-concept kitchen that flows right into the living or dining room, the look you create with your kitchen cabinets should complement the design and décor of your entire home. 

Which type of cabinet door is right for your kitchen? 

If you are ready for a new look in the kitchen but don’t want (or need) to take on a full renovation, you can achieve dramatic change by just replacing cabinet doors – at a fraction of the cost. Cabinet doors differ in both the way they are constructed and their final style and finish. Here’s a rundown of popular styles to help you determine what will work best in your kitchen. 

Popular Cabinet Door Styles

Today’s most popular cabinet door styles are:

  1. Slab
  2. Recessed-panel
  3. Raised-panel
  4. Mullion-frame
  5. Open-frame 

As you’ve been shopping around for kitchen cabinet doors, you’ve likely become familiar with terms like Shaker cabinets or frameless kitchen cabinets to describe different cabinets; these names refer to specific lines of cabinetry. Then the cabinet door style comes into play. 

Your choice of cabinet doors will express a style for the kitchen – traditional, contemporary, modern, or transitional. 

Five main cabinet door styles

Raised-panel Doors

 raised panel cabinet door

The raised-panel cabinet door features a raised center panel with a grooved framework. It has been the most popular style of cabinet door for the past 40 years. The multi-dimensional design adds depth and visual interest and works well in traditional, transitional, and rustic kitchens. 

Recessed-panel Doors

recessed panel door

The recessed door style presents a sleek profile with clean lines that work with any type of kitchen design. The center panel is recessed rather than raised, with a raised-edge profile that’s often beveled. Shaker-style cabinets feature a recessed door panel with no beveling.

Mullion-frame Doors

mullion door frame

Mullion-frame doors have vertical or horizontal bars or moldings that divide an open door frame into panes. There’s often a panel of glass in a mullion-frame cabinet door with the framing placed over it. The inlaid glass can vary in transparency to conceal contents or create a showcase effect.

Open-frame Doors

Open-frame Doors

Open frame doors have no mullion or center panel. These frames usually feature a glass insert to replace the actual door panel. The insert can be made of any 1/4” thick material, whether it’s glass, wood, tin, or any other material you’d like as your door front. 

Slab doors

Slab doors are the door construction type used in frameless cabinetry; they are the most popular European door style. For a slab door, a single piece of wood makes up the entire door or drawer front. The slab may be made from hardwood or engineered wood with a veneer. Slab doors attach directly to the cabinet sides. You’ll see the slab door used most used in modern and contemporary kitchen design. These doors feature smooth, flawless surfaces and an easy-to-clean design.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Types 

Cabinet door types differ by the method of door construction:

  • Inset cabinet doors sit flush with the frame and completely expose the cabinet face. You can often see the hinges in inset door construction. 
  • Partial overlay doors are considered the industry standard. This door partially covers the face of a cabinet’s frame to create a border between each cabinet unit. Shaker-style cabinets are the most popular form of this type of cabinet door construction. 
  • Full overlay door construction is seen most often with slab doors. The larger door design minimizes the exposed framework between each cabinet unit to create a seamless profile that’s perfect for modern, contemporary, or minimalist styles.

You can find the perfect cabinet door by exploring today’s popular styles.

Keep your home’s overall design and style in mind when researching how to find the perfect cabinet doors for your kitchen.


Farmhouse cabinet doors have emerged as a popular style in many homes. Country farmhouse cabinets often feature open shelving and natural woodgrains to echo the look of well-loved furniture. Consider kitchen cabinet doors like white Shaker cabinets, mullion, or raised panel construction for the farmhouse look.


For minimalist and contemporary kitchens, you’ll most often see frameless cabinet doors. The minimalist look embraces clean lines, practicality, and function. The slab door is the most popular for this type of kitchen. White Shaker cabinets also work well for this style. 


Traditional kitchens can include any of the cabinet door profiles, such as mullion, Shaker, and recessed panels. This timeless and welcoming kitchen style features cabinet doors with beautiful details that embrace natural colors and materials. 

Cabinet door installation

If you plan to DIY your kitchen remodel, don’t be fooled into thinking that installing cabinet doors is the easiest part of the process. Depending on the cabinet type you select, different veneers and moldings can make for a challenging installation. Unless you consider yourself an expert in kitchen cabinet installation, it may make sense to hire a kitchen contractor to hang your new cabinet doors. 

When you’re not sure about which cabinet doors to choose, samples come to the rescue.

If you have different cabinet styles in mind but are unsure how each one will look in your kitchen, consider ordering samples. You can order as many as you’d like – they ship out to you within 24 hours and should arrive within 4-6 days. Sample cabinet doors also come in handy when it’s time to select and match flooring, countertops, and paint colors. 

Once you choose your cabinet door style, reserve a time to speak with an expert cabinet designer at Simply Kitchens. They can double-check your layout and make sure you have the right units in your order. Once you’ve approved the layout, your designer will place your order. Browse our photo gallery today to find ideas for the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home. 

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