What Customers Think About Lowes Kitchen Cabinets + Reviews
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What Customers Think About Lowes Kitchen Cabinets + Reviews

A kitchen remodel involves a series of significant decisions; one of the biggest is selecting your cabinets. You may have looked at kitchen cabinets at different big box stores like IKEA, Home Depot, or Lowes. Before you get too far along, take some time to compare the types of cabinets available, construction quality, and store reviews. Lowes is a popular home improvement store where many homeowners shop for kitchen cabinets. Let’s look at the type of cabinets Lowes carries, indicators of cabinet quality, pricing, and kitchen cabinet reviews.

Types of kitchen cabinets at lowes

Types of kitchen cabinets at lowesLowes offers a wide variety of kitchen cabinets. They carry custom, stock, and semi-stock cabinets. Their main cabinet lines are:

  • Diamond NOW – Lowes Diamond cabinets come in 7 styles. Customers can use a free digital kitchen design tool to select their cabinet style and layout their cabinets. They can DIY the installation or connect with a Lowes contractor.
  • Design House – This brand comes as a stock Shaker-style cabinet. Lowes carries it as an unfinished cabinet or finished in white, maple, or espresso color. This line comes fully assembled or as a ready-to-assemble (RTA) project.
  • Cambridge – Lowes Cambridge cabinets are European-style frameless cabinets with slab doors. They are a stock RTA item and come in 4 color choices: glossy white, white, light gray, and dark gray. Project Source – Project Source cabinets come as in a Shaker style or with a raised panel. As a stock item, they are available as RTA or fully assembled cabinets. Homeowners can choose unfinished cabinets or finished versions in white, gray, or off-white.

These cabinet types are all prefabricated stock – which means Lowes maintains substantial inventory to satisfy buyers’ immediate needs. Typical problems reported by homeowners shopping for cabinets this way include inventory gaps in the desired color or style. Homeowners also report design problems. While Lowes employees know about the products, they are not trained, interior designers. Expert interior designers can help you choose the suitable cabinets for your kitchen layout, accessories to make your kitchen more efficient, or talk to you about hardware and door swing for the best cabinet function.

Type of construction and cost of Lowes kitchen cabinets

Type of construction and cost of Lowes kitchen cabinets
Construction of Lowes stock cabinets ranks from “low” to “mid-grade,” depending on the line.

Diamond Now cabinets earn a low- to mid-grade rating because they are made primarily with particleboard rather than plywood. Diamond Now’s draw is affordability, but the line’s overall quality is lower than any semi-custom cabinet. In general, particleboard cabinets are not as strong or durable as plywood cabinets. Diamond Now door and drawer fronts are made from solid wood. The drawers do not have dovetail joints; they are glued and stapled, making them weaker than semi-custom cabinets assembled with dovetail joints.

Project Source, Design House, and Cambridge cabinets are mid-grade quality, closer to the benefits of semi-custom without the variety of styles and finishes. These cabinets feature all-plywood construction, six-way soft-close hinges, solid wood doors, undermount drawer slides, and dovetail joinery.

To evaluate and compare costs, consider the basic models first, without any hardware or particular accessories. Stock cabinets typically cost less than semi-custom cabinets.

As Lowe’s basic stock brand, Diamond cabinets cost from $99 – $600 per unit. These prices line up almost directly with cabinets available directly from online cabinet wholesalers, but the wholesalers offer better quality.

Reviews for Lowes kitchen cabinets

 Reviews for Lowes kitchen cabinets
How do homeowners feel about their Lowes kitchen cabinets? One of the problems homeowners frequently report when they shop for cabinets at home improvement stores like Lowes is a limited selection. The store may not offer much range in design styles – or it lacks inventory for specific units. You might also encounter thin pickings in terms of hardware and accessories for your new kitchen.

In some cases, the store can order items for you, which involves a delay of several weeks – but no one wants to tear up their kitchen only to sit around and wait on a cabinet or accessories.

Check out notes from these reviews of the Diamond Acadia Shaker cabinets.

Homeowners who purchased Diamond Acadia Shaker cabinets to upgrade their laundry room or pantry appreciated the updated style and look; the new cabinets represented a welcome upgrade from wire shelving. Other reviewers noted that the cabinets looked great in-store but found gouges in the finish when their products were delivered, caused by inadequate packaging.

Other reviewers noted that the particle board does not stand up well to actual usage. One homeowner found their dishes on the floor after a cabinet fell off the wall leaving only the back panel in place. Another buyer purchased Diamond cabinets for a rental property and had to re-glue and re-nail each cabinet after the units fell apart during delivery.

The bottom line? When it comes to stock cabinets, you get what you pay for – stock products are great for specific applications but may fall short of expectations over the long term.

How does an online cabinet manufacturer that offers semi-custom cabinetry complete with a big box store like Lowes? Let’s take a look at the difference between the kitchen cabinets at Lowes and Simply Kitchen USA.

Simply Kitchen USA vs. Lowes

Simply Kitchen USA

Quality: mid-grade to upper Quality: low- to mid-grade
Design Options: 20 height options and 25 width options Design Options: multiple height and width options
Moldings & Accessories: many options Moldings & Accessories : many options
Delivery: RTA or Pre-Assembled Delivery: RTA or Pre-Assembled
Custom Service: Your designer is your contact person from day 1 to installation, available any time by phone or email. Custom Service: The home improvement store gets good ratings, its vendor Design NOW not so much, see reviews
Sides & Back Construction: All-plywood construction Sides & Back Construction: particleboard or plywood
Door Hinges: Concealed, adjustable, European-style hinges with soft-close feature for all cabinets Door Hinges: Concealed soft-close on higher-end models
Drawer Glides: Under-mount, full-extension, soft-close drawer glides for all drawers Drawer Glides: Undermount on higher-end models
Drawer Construction: Dovetail drawer box for each drawer Drawer Construction: Dovetail joinery on higher-end models

Why consider Simply Kitchen USA’s kitchen cabinets?

The main difference between a big box store like Lowes and a cabinet manufacturer like Simply Kitchen USA is simple: Lowes doesn’t need to rely on quality cabinetry and excellent customer service to keep their customers. They rely on mass-market volume and can afford to lose a customer here or there.

At Simply Kitchen USA, we want to maintain every customer as a customer for life. We provide white-glove service and an expert, in-house designer to walk every homeowner through the design process.

The homeowner chooses either flat-packed RTA cabinets for cost-effective shipping and assembled and installed on-site or fully assembled cabinets packed with zero-movement packaging to ensure they are delivered intact and ready to install. We ship all cabinets, hardware, and accessories together, so homeowners can begin their project as soon as the delivery arrives. If they have a question or encounter a problem along the way, homeowners can call their designer for an immediate answer.

Frequently asked questions about Lowes kitchen cabinets

How is the quality of Lowes kitchen cabinets?

Lowes cabinets may be suitable quality forestalled in a basement, garage, or laundry room for extra storage. But for stylish and high-quality kitchen cabinets, other brands are more likely to hold up to daily use over time and look better for longer.

Which are the best kitchen cabinet brands? 

While you have many cabinet manufacturers to consider, no one has the white glove service and quality product Simply Kitchen USA offers. An SK designer walks the homeowner through every step of the process, from kitchen layout to selecting the best cabinets to fit their space. Simply Kitchen USA carries all popular styles and builds them to the highest Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) standards.

How much do Lowes kitchen cabinets cost?

A set of 6 stock cabinets, with no installation, runs between $1,150 and $1,389.

Is Lowes a good place to buy cabinets?

Lowes is a good place that you can go to see and touch actual products. You can see what the colors look like and test the functionality on floor models. It can be a good place to start when you don’t know what you want.

Update your kitchen with quality

To see how semi-custom cabinets in the most popular styles can update your kitchen, reserve your appointment now with one of Simply Kitchen USA’s expert cabinet designers. Your designer will help you choose the perfect look for your new kitchen cabinets and can help you select the cabinets that provide the best function and efficiency for every square inch of your kitchen. Your semi-custom cabinets will last 20-30 years, making the investment well worth the cost. Visit Simply Kitchen USA today.

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