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The Perfect Closet For Every Room of Your House

The perfect closet for every room of your house.

In your house, you have closets, maybe not as many as you’d like, but you have one or two. Depending on the size, location of the closet in the house, and what you need to store, there are many organizational options for the perfect closet.

Lets start with the entryway closet


When you walk into your house through the front door, you probably have an entryway closet. You could have a single or double door closet to hang jackets and coat and store your seasonal items. There are options for a front entry where the majority of items hang. You can consider running two hanging bars all the way across. This would give you two extended shelves to have baskets or other easy to grab bins for small seasonal items. You could also install a double hanging cabinet on one side with a shelving and shoe unit on the other. This gives you options for hanging coats but also some open shelving and a shoe organizer.

Kitchen closet


Many folk use the kitchen closet for a variety of items. It can serve as the pantry, storing the broom and mop, hiding away the stool, or keep your trash out of view. You can be using it for many things and guaranteed it could use a little help in the organization department.

You can incorporate space with some pullout shelving inside a small kitchen closet. If you divide the closet vertically into 3, based on interior door clearance of 17” (actual kitchen closet used in measurement), you can have two pullout vertical shelving units along with wall space to secure your broom, stool, and mop. The kitchen designers can help you with many different configurations to best use your closet space.

Bedroom closets

When it comes to organizing, the bedroom closest is our favorite because the close systems fit right into the standard closet space with mixable options in 18, 24, and 30 inches. The different pieces can transform your closet from hanging space only to also having a cabinet, open shelves, drawers, and shoe shelves. Imagine how organized your clothes, shoes, and other accessories will be, tucked away, hanging nicely, and sitting side-by-side. Never lose the mate to a pair of shoes again.

Bathroom closets


The closet systems and regular cabinet accessory options work well in the bathroom. You could put in a closet system to have an upper cabinet, open shelving in the middle, and drawers underneath. You can also add pullout towel hangers that can be installed inside your current closet or an in-cabinet pullout organizer for under the bathroom sink. With measurements of your bathroom closets, cabinets, and footprint, the cabinet designers can help you put together the right combination of closet and cabinet elements to fit your bathroom.

Laundry room closets


Much like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, your laundry room may have a mix of cabinet and closet storage options. With tall closets, you can have two separate hanging spaces, or have a cabinet for laundry supplies and drawers for crafts or sewing items. Your laundry room cabinets are areas to add creative storage with in-cabinet pullouts for the organization.

Family/living room closet

Many family rooms or living rooms have an extra single or double closet for storage. This may also double as the entryway closet, but for this example, we’ll consider it in addition too. If your closet is anything like ours, you may have games and extra blanket strewn about along with your vacuum tucked away in the middle of the closet. This closet can feel like an utter disaster.

Like your entryway closet, with a couple of closet system pieces, you can have a home for everything. Each game can be placed on a shelf or in the drawer. Your blankets can be folded nicely on the open shelving or behind the cabinet door. Your vacuum may still need to sit in the center or off to the side of your closet system, but without everything falling on it when you open the door, it will be easily accessible.

With our daily living, we don’t often sit and think about how we can better organize our closets proactively. It’s usually a thought we have when trying to locate an item or find a home for a thing to be stored away for the season. By taking the extra time to examine the closet space throughout the house, you’ll find with a couple of the closet system pieces; you can have the perfect closet in every room.

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