Start Your Kitchen Remodel and Be Ready for the Holidays!
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Start Your Kitchen Remodel and Be Ready for the Holidays!

As the fall and winter holidays approach, many start to imagine the welcome smell of cookies baking or plan the seating chart for holiday gatherings. No matter the occasion, when your kitchen is holiday-ready, every part of the process …. cooking, hosting, entertaining, and cleaning (yes, even cleaning!) … more fun. Now is the perfect time to tackle that kitchen remodeling project, so you’ll be sitting pretty when your guests arrive.

Is your kitchen ready for the holidays?

Remember back to your most stressful holiday, when you swore that once and for all you’d buy some cabinet accessories to finally organize your utensils and baking sheets? Or that you wanted to add a kitchen island to create a serving station and extra seating for family and friends – instead of that awful folding table? For most of us, if we take an honest look at our kitchen, it is not ready for the holidays.

Why start to remodel now?

Believe it or not, kitchen remodeling can be an enjoyable and rewarding process when you invest a little time to research, plan, design, and install a kitchen you’ll love showing off during your holiday parties. And for the rest of the year, it will be the most efficient, well-functioning kitchen you’ve ever seen.

Steps in the kitchen remodeling process

Step 1: Research and planning

Every successful kitchen remodeling project starts with the “window shopping” phase of research and then actual planning. You’ve probably got the picture of your dream

kitchen cabinet layout in your head, and now it’s time to bring it to life. This process could take up to a week.

Think about these critical points:

What’s working in your current kitchen?

What things would you like to improve?

Do you want all new cabinets, countertops, and flooring?

Do you need to move plumbing and electrical to achieve your ideal layout?

Your plans and scope of work will drive the timing of your project and the budget.

Step 2: Select a kitchen cabinet company

You can search online for cabinet companies that offer design services; the cabinet manufacturer can often connect you with a reputable contractor if you don’t have one hired. Look at the company reviews, browse the photo gallery, and check out the cabinet accessories and hardware they offer to see if they have the quality, quantity, and style you’re looking for in your new cabinets. Once you’ve selected the cabinet company, you can meet ( live or virtually) with their designer to share ideas and priorities. The designer can then start the 3D rendering of your new kitchen. Selecting the right cabinet company could take up to a week.

Step 3: Design process

After you speak with your designer and provide the room measurements, the designer will walk you through the layout and cabinet choices – either in-person or on a video call. When you’ve agreed on the workflow of the room, style of cabinets, how you want them to function, and have zeroed in on accessories and hardware, the designer creates your 3D rendering, which will take a week to 10 days. You then typically have a week to make any changes and approve the renderings. With drawings finalized, you can order your cabinets through your designer.

You are now approximately four weeks into the process of creating your new kitchen.

Step 4: Ordering the cabinets

Cabinets come in two main construction types: ready-to-assemble (RTA) or pre-assembled. Most manufacturers can ship out RTA cabinets in 4-6 days for arrival within 7-10 days for you or your contractor to install. Pre-assembled cabinets are constructed in the factory, packaged in zero-movement crates, and shipped within 2-4 weeks. It’s essential to know your timeframe for installation when ordering due to the assembly options and shipping. From order to delivery, this step could take 2- 4 weeks.

Step 5: Assembly and installation

Once you’ve ordered your cabinets, you can get down to brass tacks to plan your kitchen remodel. From demolition to installation, you’ll typically need 8 – 10 weeks. If you have a larger kitchen, plan to move walls, or need to hire tradespeople for plumbing and electrical work, that could add a couple of weeks for each subcontractor to complete their work.

Here’s a typical 8-week timeline for a complete kitchen remodel, broken into one-week intervals.

Week 1: Remove appliances, cabinets, flooring, drywall—rough-in plumbing and electric. Order the inspections.

Week 2: Repair or replace drywall, prep the subfloor for new flooring material.

Week 3: Assemble and install the kitchen cabinets, trim, hardware, and accessories.

Week 4: Complete the countertop template, install baseboard, door, and window trim.

Week 5:  Install flooring.

Week 6: Wait for countertop.

Week 7: Install countertop, hook up plumbing, install appliances, begin backsplash installation.

Week 8: Finish backsplash and grout. Paint the kitchen. Review the punch list carefully and complete a final inspection.

Depending on your scope, you’ll be enjoying your new kitchen after approximately 14 – 18 weeks.

Holiday Remodeling ideas – Before and After

If you’ve had a kitchen remodel on your mind for some time and are still looking for some holiday remodeling ideas, keep reading.

Move the island

This kitchen remodel ranks as “extensive” as it relocated the offset kitchen island to join with the main sink countertop and cabinets to create a U-shaped kitchen. Bright white shaker cabinets replaced the previous dark wood-grain cabinets to bring in a more contemporary style. The new layout improved the workflow in and around the stove, sink, and refrigerator and increased the countertop workspace to allow for extra seating and serving food. The pendant lighting adds a warm ambiance to the kitchen.

Before Remodel

Move the island_Before_Remodel

After Remodel

Work with the footprint

In this kitchen, the original footprint with cabinets on the three walls remains in place. Ceiling-height cabinets draw the eye upward to create an illusion of greater space, enhanced by updated flooring and fresh cabinet colors. An oversized island replaces the original small island to allow for dining, extra storage, and even the dishwasher. This kitchen update creates an excellent workflow to accommodate both cooks and guests – it keeps everyone on their side of the kitchen yet close enough to talk during a party. 

Before Remodel

After Remodel

Update the galley

This galley-style kitchen’s facelift involved the installation of beautiful and bright white Shaker cabinets accented with granite countertops and black fixtures and hardware. The improved workflow between the sink and stove makes it easy to prepare food and clean up when the meal is over, and an extended countertop makes a perfect palette for laying out the holiday spread.

Add a large island

This holiday kitchen remodels shows the start of re-installation. The upper, base, and island cabinets are in place, awaiting beautiful snow-white quartz countertops. The quartz shine perfectly echoes the gleam from ceiling-high white Shaker cabinets, and modern cabinet pulls. A pendant fixture fills the room with soft, balanced light, and the new countertop enhances dining and entertaining.

Remodel in Progress

After Remodel

Now is the time to start your kitchen remodel to be holiday-ready

Many cabinet companies have deals and discounts in the months and weeks leading up to major U.S. holidays. Simply Kitchens has great offers on all cabinet lines, accessories, and hardware, just in time for the holidays. Check out the website to shop our updated cabinet line, speak with an expert kitchen designer, schedule your free kitchen design services, and be holiday-ready

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