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Essential Pieces in Kitchen Remodeling–Cabinet Rollouts!

Cabinet Rollouts Are Essential in Kitchen Remodeling

Add both function and style to your next kitchen remodel? Cabinet rollouts have become essential in kitchen cabinet accessories, and it’s not hard to see the appeal.

Cabinet rollouts – also called sliding shelves or pull-outs – are the go-to accessory for any cabinet, whether in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom. These roll-outs and other accessories can help you make the most of the space you have in your kitchen. You will love these ideas.

Not Your Grandmother’s Spice Cabinet

Between Cabinet Pullout

Pull-out spice drawers are convenient when it comes to organizing and storing spices. On the outside, the pull-out drawer looks like a skinny cabinet door. However, when you pull it open, you’ll have a rack with several shelves for all of your spices. Now, your spices are literally at your fingertips and not buried behind each other in a cabinet. Larger single shelf rollouts with sides can be great storage options for cabinets with large pans. You can keep your trash can hidden from view with the popular trash can roll-out. Roll-outs can be used in cabinets all around the house. From the kitchen to the laundry room and the bathroom, roll-outs will increase storage and functionality.

A Rollout Pantry

Between Cabinet Pullouts

Can you imagine a tall pantry cabinet with roll-out shelving? These handy cabinet accessories make everything easy to see and store. Never again will you lose a box of crackers for your party or find expired canned goods toppled over in the back of your cabinet. Never again will you have to tear apart your cabinet looking for one item. Cabinet rollouts can make your life a lot easier.

Easy Access With Cabinet Rollouts

In Cabinet Pullouts

Adding roll-out shelving to your lower base cabinets is a change you will not regret. You won’t have to move out all of the small pots to get to your double boiler in the back of your base cabinets. Roll-out shelving comes in a variety of cabinet dimensions and sizes to work in any cabinet. Remember the first cabinet roll-out is a kitchen staple–the cabinet drawer. The roll-out shelves are not completely replacing the drawers, and in some use cases, people are asking for deep drawers instead of shelving for their base cabinets.

A Lazy Susan

Cabinet Pullout

You can add much greater accessibility to the contents of a corner cabinet with the addition of a Lazy Susan. Corner cabinets are hard to access, dark, and require you to move items around to get to what you want. By adding a Lazy Susan, all you have to do is turn the circular shelving to rotate it around until you see what you need.

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, remember to think about using all the space you already have instead of trying to enlarge the area. Handy accessories like cabinet roll-outs, lazy susans, and deeper drawers can make your space more efficient and accessible. Visit with our kitchen cabinet designers today to start your remodeling project. 

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