g-shaped kitchen
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How to Update Your G-Shaped Kitchen

Update your G-shaped kitchen layout

The G-shaped kitchen is the ultimate layout for cooking, entertaining, and dining. Depending on your room size, the G-shape layout provides ample storage while keeping the prep and cooking areas in the working triangle and out of any walkways. As a built-in feature due to a G-shaped kitchen layout, you have countertop seating and four walls of storage.


Updating a small G-shaped kitchen



By nature, the G-shaped kitchen starts with a 10-foot by 10-foot L-shaped layout but then adds the third leg or peninsula like a U-shaped kitchen. This is the perfect kitchen layout for the at-home chef to flourish as all countertop areas can be accessed for prep and cooking. To maximize the small G-shaped kitchen, you’ll want your refrigerator to be at a 45-degree triangle from the stove and sink. This leaves the opening in the G and space to flow around the kitchen.

Storage in a small kitchen can be maximized by having storage on one side of your peninsula and extra seating on the other. Your kitchen will also have two sets of upper cabinets and two sets of base cabinets for placement of deep drawers, pullout shelves, and roll-out spice cabinets or vertical shelving for pantry items. To help with cabinet placement, install the tall cabinets on the sides that don’t contain the peninsula.


Renovating a medium G-shaped kitchen

The medium G-shaped kitchen is the right size for two cooks to work together in comfort. To maximize the storage and working space, consider replacing upper and lower cabinets along the longest side of the G with the rest of the kitchen extended out. You can maintain a work triangle by keeping the sink, stove, and refrigerator opposite each other. If you place your refrigerator near the walkway entrance, the door should open towards the work area. The peninsula is left as counter space for dining or entertainment with extra-base cabinets for storage.




Maximizing a large G-shaped kitchen

A large G-shaped kitchen is excellent for entertaining and cooking. You can easily have two cooks in a sizeable G-shaped kitchen and a larger peninsula for seating and dining. You’ll want to be sure that your work triangle stays within the 45-degree mark. Anything else will feel cramped even though you have space.

A bonus of a sizeable kitchen is the possible use of a kitchen island. You’ll need plenty of clearance around the island to keep the open feel. It is recommended that you have at least 3-4 feet between the island and any of the surrounding countertops and 8 feet from the furthest countertop. With the large kitchen, you want to maximize the storage and prep areas while keeping it from feeling cramped by an oversized island.

The kitchen is one that is easy to update with storage accessories to utilize existing spaces better. With the proper layout of cabinets, you can have a nice natural flow to the kitchen work triangle. If you’d like to update your kitchen, visit with our designers today about your layout. They can make suggestions and recommend the proper cabinets to update your kitchen.


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