Two-tone Cabinets

Get an Ultra-modern Look with Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets

When you remodel your kitchen with two-tone kitchen cabinets, you can play with a range of different colors and styles to express your personality. Choose a bright color for the island or use a bold color on the cabinets, and your kitchen will seem larger and full of light. Here are a few ideas to integrate two-tone kitchen cabinets into your home’s look.

What are two tone kitchen cabinets?

two toned cabinets


“Two-tone” refers to combining two different colors for kitchen cabinets. It shows up in designs with upper cabinets in a different color than lower cabinets or where the island is different than the rest of the kitchen. Some homeowners choose complementary colors to balance the room. Others make a statement with colors that contrast dramatically.

Are two-tone kitchen cabinets in style?

Two-tone cabinets are an ultra-modern and contemporary trend. Depending on the look and style you prefer for your home, there are many two-tone cabinet ideas from which to choose. Here we’ll explore examples that mix white, antique white, charcoal gray, light gray (dusk), dark brown wood grain, and light brown woodgrain. With so many design options, you’ll wish you had several kitchens to remodel!

Charcoal grey two tone kitchen cabinets

Charcoal gray and white cabinets are one of the go-to trends in two-toned cabinets. Install white upper cabinets and charcoal lower cabinets and add a charcoal gray island to get this look. The darker color on the base cabinets anchors the room and gives it a refined feel. This color pairing is neutral enough that you could add a backsplash or flooring in a pattern or complementary color (or two).


Two-tone dusk gray and white kitchen cabinets

Light-colored neutrals can have a stunning effect on a kitchen. Create an ultra-modern minimalist kitchen with white upper and base cabinets with a dusk gray island. The dusk gray brings a contemporary element to the space while the white keeps it looking clean, and these colors pair well with stainless steel appliances.

photo: L’Oro Design

Antique white and dark brown traditional two-tone kitchen cabinets

Dark wood cabinets pair beautifully with antique white, giving the kitchen a warm, updated feel. A dark wood island is a strong focal point for the room. The antique white softens the bold brown, creating an ambiance that’s both relaxed and luxurious.


Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Photo: Pinterest

White and dark brown two tone kitchen cabinets

An easy way to give the kitchen a natural feel is to contrast dark wood cabinets with bright white cabinets. The bold dark wood island and base cabinets accent the bright white upper cabinets to create an attractive balance between light and dark. The kitchen feels warm, spacious, and modern.

white & dark brown cabinets

Photo by: Young & Young Architects

Two tone kitchen cabinets in brown and white

Light brown cabinets serve as a soft yet natural base in this two-tone kitchen design with white upper cabinets and an island. These natural neutrals give the room a modern beachy feel. This two-tone idea will also work well in a more traditional kitchen. This is a very relaxed kitchen design with a lot of light.

light brown & white cabinets


Planning a kitchen design with two-tone cabinets

Cabinets with two tones allow you to create focal points, blend styles, or create an ultra-modern kitchen look with mixed cabinet colors.

Create a focal point

During the design phase, decide on the kitchen’s focal point – will it be a set of cabinets, an island, or a single wall?. You can decide to have the focal point cabinets be a different color. The island often makes a natural focal point. Another option would be to paint a back wall darker to give the kitchen some mystery. In a U-shaped kitchen, you could switch colors as the sides turn, giving your kitchen a unique two-tone look.

Two Toned Style Cabinets

Blend your style

Installing a lighter-colored cabinet for the top cabinets and a darker color for the bottom cabinets adds light and draws your eye up, making the kitchen seem larger.

If you have a traditional-style kitchen with dark wood, consider swapping out the upper cabinets or the island for cabinets in antique white. This color pairing balances the room and gives it a transitional feel.

You could create a warmer, cozy feeling in a large kitchen with darker cabinets on the top. Lighter bottom cabinets help keep the kitchen from feeling too dark.

Ultra-modern colors and finishes

Finding two colors and finishes that work well together and give your kitchen the right feel can be challenging. When you refer to the tried-and-true color wheel, you’re more likely to choose colors that will look beautiful together. Based on the color wheel, the analogous colors or those side by side, such as white and antique white, light and dark brown, light and dark gray, all work very well together.

Complementary colors can also add flair to your kitchen. These colors are across from one another on the wheel – like white and gray, brown and gray, light brown and white, dark brown and antique white, or two tone blue and white kitchen cabinets work well together. Neutral colors with similar undertones work beautifully together too. Antique white looks good with a light or dark wood with a yellow undertone. Dusk gray and bright white have cool undertones that work well together.

Benefits of two-tone cabinets

white & grey cabinets


Two tone kitchen cabinets appeal to people because they create an impression of changing the layout without physically changing it, increase resale value, and update the kitchen aesthetics.

Make a two-tone kitchen look bigger

In a small kitchen, two-tone kitchen cabinets give the illusion of light and space. When the kitchen features white cabinets as the upper set and dark ones on the bottom, your eye is automatically drawn to look toward the lighter shade. The bright color also reflects light which will lighten the room and make it look bigger.

Increase Resale Value

Homebuyers look for updated kitchens that feature the latest design trends. Two-tone cabinets are on trend now. Two-tone cabinets will attract buyers if you plan to sell your home within ten years. Two-tone cabinets help blend existing styles and create an updated impression for the house.

Provide Aesthetic Appeal

Two-toned cabinets give the kitchen an updated feel. Light gray and white can bring a relaxing ambiance to the room. In contrast, dark gray can provide comfort and warmth. Wood grains in light brown will provide a natural feeling, while dark brown is more elegant. Two-tone cabinets will give your look an ultra-modern update that your family will love.

Thinking of an ultra-modern remodel with two-tone kitchen cabinets?

Think about the design, color, and style that fits your home and lifestyle if you’re considering remodeling your kitchen with two-toned cabinets. At Simply Kitchens, our expert designers can help you choose the perfect colors and layout to give your kitchen an elegant and modern look. Shop at Simply Kitchens today to find cabinets that will balance the light in your kitchen, making it look larger and feel like the heart of your home.

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