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Easy, Breezy Beach-style Kitchens

You don’t need to have a home at the beach to enjoy coastal style in your kitchen. However, if you want to remodel your kitchen to create an easy, relaxed atmosphere, a beach-style kitchen might be just the right look for you. 

What is a beach-style kitchen? 

The coastal kitchen or beach-style kitchen incorporates nautical materials and highlights colors people associate with beachfront or waterfront homes. You might use a mix of distressed or weathered finishes on furniture as well as driftwood, twine, rope, or linen in the decor. You can bring in different white, blue, green, or beige shades that echo seaside colors or create a crisp atmosphere with layered shades of cream and white to develop a clean and relaxed vibe in the room. The beach-style kitchen often replicates what’s going on outdoors, creating an indoor version of sand, water, and sky. 

Here are 8 beach kitchen ideas that cover the waterfront from classic to more casual styles.

Casual beach kitchen ideas

1. Beach frameless style

A beach-style kitchen avoids dark colors; instead, it brings in light colors that pick up tones found in sand, beachside marches, and the ocean itself. Whether the direction is classic or casual beach style, you won’t find formal furnishings like those in a traditional-style kitchen. Instead, the beach kitchen looks favor modern or contemporary cabinets with smooth frameless doors or the clean lines of Shaker style.

2. Beach style lighting 

Source: Cannibal Kitchen

You won’t find heavy curtains or ornate rugs in a beach-style kitchen. Instead, you’ll see coastal colors and patterns for window treatments and bright pendant lighting to open up the space.

3. Coastal kitchen cabinets

Beach-style kitchen cabinets and countertops are often white or a mix of light gray or a driftwood greige. But really, any light color works well for beach-style cabinets. However, if you want to add subtle visual interest, consider two-tone cabinets in a light color palette, such as different sandy beiges, blues, greens, and even sunny yellow.

4. Light color countertops

You’ll find light-colored countertops in quartz, granite, or recycled glass in a beach-style kitchen. Countertops will mimic the sky, pebbles on the beach, or even suggest the movement of water and waves. White quartz with veins in light grey or beige is a natural look to keep the kitchen bright and airy. 

5. Beachy Backsplash

Source – Houzz

The coastal kitchen can bring in colorful features like a bold backsplash –think turquoise ocean waves. This brightly colored tile evokes both sand and sea. 

Or this backsplash in beautiful light blue and white pattern complements the white Shaker-style cabinets, open shelving, and white upholstered chairs gathered around the island. Photo Pillar and Peacock.

6. Appliances 

For some kitchens, colored appliances are too much, but that’s not the case in a coastal kitchen. If you want to add color, consider appliances in a light or dark blue or even turquoise. To keep the light, airy feel, you’ll want to balance those colors with white or light cabinets, countertops, and walls. 

7. Beachy decor

Source – Houzz

The coastal beach style can be as casual and comfortable as you want to make it. These white Shaker-style cabinets, white tile backsplash and countertop, pale hardwood floor, plus the breezy rattan stools and pendant lighting create a welcoming feel in this kitchen.

8. Classic beach style kitchen ideas

A classic beach style will mix darker colors and bold patterns for a different expression of coastal charm. This style brings in nautical elements like crisp white and navy, stripes and chevron, or other strong patterns. 

Darker colors

Source – https://curatedinterior.com

In this kitchen, you’ll see a mix of blues and browns along with open shelving for another version of the coastal aesthetic. The bright navy apron sink contrasts beautifully with bright white walls and Shaker-style cabinets. 

Nautical Decor

Source – https://curatedinterior.com/

Here you’ll see a nautical theme in the countertop chairs and the light blue kitchen island. The hardwood floor brings in colors of sand, while white kitchen cabinets keep the room bright and airy. 

This classic beach-style kitchen adds the look of ship hardware with the chain pendant lighting. The white and grey granite countertop suggests a swirling sea, The room’s various blue accents in decor and furnishings make you feel like you’re at the beach.

Whether your beach style is classic or casual, you can bring it to life with Simply Kitchens.

Our expert kitchen designers can transform your kitchen with beach-style cabinets. Choose from frameless reef sand or coral, choose a white or grey Shaker-style cabinet, or many more. Simply Kitchens offers design services to help you create a bright and airy beach-style kitchen with all of the amenities and accessories that will make it a joy to cook in and easy to clean. Visit with our designers today to get started with your dream coastal kitchen. 

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