Create a Luxury Kitchen with European Style Cabinets
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Create a Luxury Kitchen with European Style Cabinets

When you think “luxury kitchen” what comes to mind? Is it sleek and modern cabinetry, metal fixtures, and futuristic lighting? Or is it the hefty price tag you might expect for such a kitchen renovation?

Rest assured, you can creating a luxury kitchen with European-style cabinets affordably. With European kitchen designs from Simply Kitchens, you can have all the elements of a high-end kitchen at wholesale prices.

What are European Cabinets?

What are European Cabinets?

In a European kitchen, you’ll find sleek and minimalist styles with a distinctly high-end appearance. Cabinet doors are smooth and flat with either a high gloss, laminate, or matte finish. These unobtrusive doors can help your kitchen feel more spacious and add light to the room.

With minimalist European cabinets, you won’t see ornate detailing or crown moldings. The slab, flat-panel doors use concealed hinges to maintain clean lines, whether you choose to have your cabinets fade into the kitchen background or stand out as a bold design statement.

Compared to the framed cabinetry that’s typical with American construction, European cabinetry is frameless, which gives you extra space within each cabinet. When assembled with premium, all-plywood construction, European-style cabinets will add beauty and durability to any kitchen for 20-30 years.

Kitchen design ideas with European-style cabinets

Typical American cabinet design features framed construction with a dividing bar between each cabinet section. With their sleek, flat-panel doors, Luxury European cabinets open up to reveal nothing but space for your moveable shelving and dishware.

Simply Kitchens ships most frameless, European-style cabinets in a flat pack that arrives ready to assemble (RTA) by your kitchen contractor. Thanks to fast shipping and lower factory construction costs, you can purchase luxury European cabinets at prices 40% less than what you find in a retail store; you can complete your luxury kitchen in 4-6 weeks!

Here are 8 European kitchen design ideas for your home

1 High-gloss for high living

High-gloss for high living

To construct our European cabinets, Simply Kitchens uses plywood as the base for various modern finishes. You can choose a natural, high-gloss, or matte finish to give your kitchen a perfect look. A high-gloss finish is the most popular choice for luxury European cabinets. It adds light to the whole kitchen and provides a sleek and modern look.

2 Handleless for a sleek and elegant appearance

Handleless for a sleek and elegant appearance

Handleless cabinets create a smooth exterior look. European cabinets use a push latch to open and shut the doors quickly with a gentle push. The magnetic latch is entirely hands-free. If you still like the look of some hardware, you can opt to install tab pulls. Tab pulls are small, sleek hardware units attached to the cabinet edge; they’re easy to grip but almost hidden from view. Another choice would be classic bar pulls, which are a little bigger but preserve the straight cabinet lines.

3 Color for a bold look

When you forgo embellishment, you need to add personality somewhere in your kitchen. When you choose luxury European-style cabinets, that personality comes by way of color. You might like the bold contrast of black and white cabinets or go softer with gray and white cabinets. With monochrome cabinets, you can go big with your color choices in all-gray, all-white, or all-black. Modernize this look with red, blue, metal, or other contrasting accent pieces or unique hardware for a bold personalized style.

4 Organization accessories for the minimalist look

A minimalist look requires a place for everything. With in-cabinet pullouts, you can achieve an uncluttered look. In-cabinet pullouts for frameless cabinets include spice racks, vertical pantry shelves, tray and pan holders, utensil holders, pull-down shelves, pullout shelving, and more. These storage solutions keep your appliances and daily use items off your counter and tucked away – yet still readily accessible.

5 An island for seating and storage

Due to the small size of a traditional European kitchen, an island adds welcome multifunctional capacity. Keep the sleek and minimalist look with quartz or granite countertop, and count on hidden features like deep drawers for storage, a wine rack. Choose an island with an overhang for extra seating.

6 Bright lights for a modern statement

Bright lights for a modern statement

A luxury kitchen will feature a generous mix of natural and artificial lighting. With the European look, lighting can become an art form and make a modern statement with functional light. If you have high-gloss cabinets to reflect the light, even a smaller kitchen will seem larger. Inject personality with an elegant chandelier or pendant lighting.

7 Wood floors for warm elegance

Wood floors for warm elegance

Wood flooring – or vinyl-resilient flooring that looks like wood – adds warmth and elegance to a luxury European kitchen, where minimalist style loves all things natural. Wood flooring can add just the right amount of natural color to high-gloss luxury cabinets.

8 High function means modern living

High function means modern living

A luxury kitchen with European-style cabinets will be highly functional. Practical choices like a double sink or extra food-prep areas keep the workspace separate from where you dine and entertain. With ample storage, nothing stays on the countertop without reason. When you add a full-size pantry or tall-pantry cabinet, you can easily keep all of your stored items in one place.

Ready to design your luxury kitchen with European-style cabinets?

You can find a full line of semi-customizable European-style cabinets at Simply Kitchens. With six color options and finishes, you can create the exact look you want for your luxury kitchen.

Speak to one of our expert kitchen designers today to receive a free 3D rendering of your kitchen. This rendering will show you how your kitchen will look when the renovation is complete. Your designer can help you plan the storage and function you want in your kitchen while giving you the perfect look of luxury with European-style cabinets.

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