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Closet Makeover – 5 Different Ways

There may have been a little extra spring cleaning this year, as people adjusted to spring at home. As a result, you may have realized that your closet is woefully unorganized and out of sorts. Even with the decluttering trend and massive clean-outs, it takes more filling some bins with thrift store donations to make your closet functional and spacious. There are many quality closet systems available on the market today–but only a few with the quality accessories you need to give your closet a makeover that will last.

Here are five ways to makeover a closet.

#1- Instantly double your closet space.

Many closets consist of an upper closet rod for longer hanging clothes, and maybe a lower for slacks and shirts. Instead of dividing the whole space, consider installing a double-hang cabinet. This gives you space at the top for shirts and blouses and space at the bottom to hang skirts, pants, and more. This gives you the availability to make every inch count. By installing a specific cabinet, you create space for other closet additions like drawers, shoe holds, or shelves.

#2- Storage drawers in a closet are a plus.

Have you thought of how nice it would be to have a set of drawers in the closet? Some homeowners go as far as putting a dresser in the space to add drawer space. There are perfect compact versions of a dresser available with many closet systems. There are soft-close drawer cabinets that fit nicely next to or in between double hanging cabinets to give you multiple storage options


tall closet cabinet for pantry


#3- Sectional shelving for the perfect closet 

Imagine, having your work or dress clothes hanging nicely next to your set of drawers and shelves. You can never have too many shelves. Most closets are limited to the upper shelf on top of the hanging bar. But those who look at the closet from a more functional point of view know that more shelving is a must. We all have clothes in various sizes and fabrics, some of which do not fare well if they are hung and last much longer if they are folded. Shelves are the perfect place for your jeans, sweaters, storage boxes, and more.

#4- All the shoes

Have you ever watched an episode of HGTV where the homeowner shows off row after row of beautiful, well-organized shoes and thought, “I want that.” Well, we have. The tilting shoe shelves save you space and time when you’re getting ready in the morning. The shoe shelves allow you to see each pair and make them easily accessible. With this closet piece, you can throw out your stacks of shoe boxes and finally organize the pile of shoes sitting by the backdoor and entryway.

#5- Give your closet some style

By adding a few finishing touches, your closet doesn’t have to be the black hole for clothes. Consider adding some glass-front cabinet doors to your walk-in or corner closet to add style and a touch of personality to your room. After all, you are going through the work to organize and make updates, you’ll want to show it off, even if it only makes you happy.

Closets can seem like a wasted space of chaos a lot of the time. Get everything under control with easy to install, quality closet cabinets. Visit with a designer today to help you take control of your closet.

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