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6 Designer Secrets For Your Kitchen

Designer Secrets To Unlock Your Kitchen’s Potential

You’ve set aside the budget and been looking through home improvement magazines, even visited a few kitchen remodeling stores to find the perfect cabinets. But nothing seems to be the right fit.

Here are six secrets from professional Kitchen Designers to unlock your kitchen’s potential. 

There are five questions to ask yourself before applying the design secrets to your kitchen.

  • Do you cook often?
  • Do you need more storage?
  • Do your countertops need to be updated?
  • Could your pantry use an upgrade?
  • Is your kitchen easy to move around?

Secret #1 Seamless Design

Do you want your kitchen cabinets and appliances to fit well together? It’s best to plan this while your design is still a working rendering, and not after your cabinets have been installed, you see that your appliances stick out by two inches. The cabinet depth should be slightly less than the side of the stove or refrigerator. This helps create the illusion of being seamless. Tall cabinets should be reasonably deep as well. This gives your kitchen a more modern look, yet be completely functional. 

Other design options to consider:

  • Adding color to your kitchen, either in the cabinetry or as an accent, will reveal your personality. Remember that neutral kitchens keep their value better than a trendy kitchen when it comes to selling.
  • You can add class and uniformity with crown moldings between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling.
  • Give your cabinet doors plenty of room. When remodeling your kitchen, you want to allow for the doors to swing open entirely without hitting each other or the appliances.

Secret #2 Giving new life to your pantry

Whether you have a small, medium, or large kitchen, you can make smart use of the space with full closet pantry, roll-out, and pullout pantry options. With all the cabinet accessories, you can add or maximize the pantry space in your kitchen.

Floor to ceiling cabinets can serve as a pantry for a kitchen with limited space. Typically, these cabinets come with shelves stacked the entire height of the cabinet. You can optimize these shelves by adding roll-out organizers or a mix of pullout or permanent shelves on the top and drawers with stacked organizers inside for a highly functional pantry.

Secret #3 Designing a clean kitchen

If you have children, your dream of a clean kitchen may seem unattainable. But if you don’t cook very often, this struggle is not something that you’re concerned with for your kitchen remodel. But for those who cook and have families, it is a must to design our kitchen for easy cleaning.

Look like a master chef by professionally navigating your kitchen. The best way to do that is by adding small design details that help you make food prep, cooking, and cleaning effortless. By installing an undermount sink, you’ll eliminate the water and soap ring around your sink edge. A in cabinet storage space for spices, oil bottles, and sauces will prevent your stovetop or counter area by your stove from being filled with clutter. Your countertops will look clean, even when they are not with a matte finished instead of a glossy one.

Secret #4 Bring on the party

If entertaining friends and family frequently makes you happy, you probably have all the serving trays, individual holiday items, and fancy cutlery to store until the next party. Your smart kitchen design can take your memorable events into account with the proper storage of these items.

Your drawers can have built-in organizers to house the cutlery and, unlike store-bought inserts, take advantage of every inch, leaving no wasted space. Those trays can be stored vertically in upper cabinets or behind cabinet doors with the right accessories. And carefully store stemware behind the cabinet door, in undermount glassware holders, or a pullout shelf organizer.

Secret #5 Multipurpose kitchen islands

L Kitchen w/ Island

When homeowners remodel, they often want to add or redesign their kitchen island. Kitchen islands offer a versatile space for storage, seating, food prep, and cooking. Many islands have a sink, and if yours does, you should keep it but maybe update it to match the countertop. This allows your island to remain practical but not have a style that sticks out like a sore thumb in your kitchen. If you do have a multipurpose island for cooking and dining, you’ll want to separate the areas to avoid accidents. Islands offer an opportunity to show off your style with accent lighting creating a nice focal point for your room.

Secret #6 The kitchen is the main room in your house

Think about it; the design of your home revolves around your kitchen. If your kitchen design is contemporary while the rest of the house has a traditional style, the whole thing will feel off. A well-designed kitchen will make your life simpler and help you sell faster when you decide to move. Kitchen remodels not cheap and can get more expensive with custom pieces. When you do decide to remodel, you want something that meets your needs, allows you to enjoy your kitchen and adds your style and personality to the house.When you speak with your designer, express all of your wants and needs in your remodeled kitchen. They can help you choose the right cabinets, storage, and accessories to give you what you want and stay within your budget.

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