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4 Ways to Remodel Your Galley Kitchen

Remodeling a Galley Kitchen 

Remodeling a galley kitchen takes careful planning and design, especially if you’re trying to keep the costs down by not changing the kitchen layout.

The galley kitchen is unique in a home. This kitchen gets its name from after the kitchen on a sailboat. The two sets of cabinets and countertops run parallel, facing each other. This layout can provide a full wall of cabinet storage, countertop area for prep work, and room for appliances, while the other wall can provide space for the sink and more storage. The galley kitchen is neat and efficient by keeping everything nicely in a work triangle. 

The portable kitchen island

If your galley kitchen is cramped and dark, remodeling to add storage and open up the space will work well. You can add storage and surface area by adding a portable kitchen island. They are quite common and available everywhere. An island can be a good option for smaller galley kitchens that require a more flexible design.

galley-kitchen-islandThey can add drawers, cabinets, pullout shelves, and organizers housed in permanent kitchen islands. Giving the homeowner storage for cookware and other items they want to be stashed away. With an additional countertop, your kitchen will have extra seating, a kitchen office area, or another cooking prep-station.

Add a kitchen peninsula.

A galley kitchen remodels can often involve the addition of a kitchen peninsula. A peninsula may give you the added storage and functionality you want, with a more out-of-the-way design. Typically, a kitchen peninsula will connect to one wall of a galley kitchen design, creating an “L” shape with more storage and seating benefits.

Ceiling high cabinets

tall-kitchen-cabinet-galley-kitchenTake those upper cabinets right to the top of the wall. You’ll often find one complete wall of cabinetry or a mix of upper and lower cabinets with a galley kitchen. By installing tall cabinets instead of upper cabinets, you’ll have extra storage. But they tend to be hard to reach. This can be solved by adding a library ladder. Library ladders are functional, practical, and built to stay close to the cabinetry without impeding the space.

Windows, bright colors, and glass doors add plenty of light to your galley kitchen, allowing you to make some larger cabinet changes but not feel closed-in.

Check out our photo gallery for inspiration for your galley kitchen remodel.

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