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3 Storage Solutions You Can Add to Your Kitchen

3 quick kitchen storage solutions to keep you organized. 

Lets face it; kitchen items can get out of control. Plastic containers and lids, or kids opening another granola bar box can create mass chaos inside every kitchen cabinet. With the right storage solutions you can solve an efficiency problem in your kitchen.

Here are 3 storage accessories you can add to any closet, cabinet, or drawer to make your life a little more organized.

Open shelving storage solutions

in-cabinet-rollout-open-shelfOpen shelving inside a kitchen cabinet is a little different than open shelving in a closet or pantry. To maximize organization in a pantry or closet with open shelves, youll need to add a few bins, containers, or baskets to make your life easier. Consider baskets or bins with an area for a front label for quick identification when searching your pantry. By installing heavy duty shelving, like the wire shelving from Rev-a-Shelf, you can be confident that any container, whether glass, aluminum jar, or cereal box, will be held in place with no mishaps.

A place for every item

Cabinet storage solutions have come along way from just nesting your cookware and dishware for extra storage. Now with the variety of options, youll have a clean and tidy kitchen all year round.

The easiest to install cabinet organizer goes on the back of the cabinet door. Designed to stay out of sight but be ultra-functional, these organizers can be used for spices, stemware and glassware or near the sink for cleaning supplies, and dish towels.

Inside the cabinet is where the real magic happens. The variety of organizational items ranges from vertical tray dividers to pull out pot and lid racks, pantry shelving, utensil organizer with base shelves, food container organizer, appliance lift shelf, and u-shaped base organizer keeping every item in its place.

Dont forget about your drawers.

drawer-storage-peg-systemKitchen drawers can gather all odds and ends, an abundance of towels, flatware, and cooking utensils. With many drawers doing double duty as storage to a mix of those items. Organize them instead with cutlery trays, knife blocks, spice racks, utensil trays, sink front trays for cleaning supplies. Dont forget about the big brother of drawer organizers, the peg system. You can add these unique pegboards to any drawer to house large and small dishware or cookware. The pegboards keep items in their place and not touching each other.

You can incorporate these additions into your kitchen to help get it organized and keep it that way. To learn more about the different organizational accessories, contact our designers.


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